Lanigan, Mick

Thursday, 27 June 1985

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 108 No. 11

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Road Transport Bill, 1985: Committee Stage.

Paragraph (c) reads that:More Button

The fact is that anybody who has a signed arrangement with a bank or a hire purchase company and who then signs the declaration form will be making a false declaration. The provision gives an out to...More Button

I thank Senator O'Leary for coming in on behalf of the Minister but while one can play around with words for as long as one wishes the fact is that the question is asked and the applicant has to sign ...More Button

The Minister said and we all know, that there is a huge amount of illegal haulage going on. For the Minister to admit that his Department are aware that illegal haulage is going on is an indictment o...More Button

Can the Minister tell me, in a straightforward way, does a company which is doing own account haulage have to have somebody in that company who has a certificate of competence?More Button

I want to make a few comments on what Senator O'Leary said. Of course there is no reason at all why the State should issue licences for road haulage. The only reason they were brought in in the first...More Button

Again it comes back to this question of the own account. The Bill states that the merchandise licence shall not be transferable. It states that a merchandise licence shall state the name and address...More Button

It deals with the death or incapacity of the holder of the carrier's licence.More Button

Under section 4 where is it covered? What arrangements can be made under section 4? Where you have a change over, do the firms involved have to take their vehicles off the road? If they are carryi...More Button

Just to reinforce what Senator O'Leary said when he dealt with section 14 on “penalties”, it does not mention the holder at all when referring to penalties. There are no penalties for the holder of t...More Button

Again, getting back to the own account and to try and get the own account situation totally clarified, section 5 (b) states that a licence may be revoked: on the ground that the holder has been convic...More Button

I agree with the Minister and accept that he could not possibly see that it could happen, but it broadens the grounds on which a revocation could take place, whether under this or any other Act. It s...More Button

On this section where a vehicle is being leased, what is the situation. Who is the licensee? It does not state specifically there that the person who leases the vehicle has to have a certificate of c...More Button

Carrying your own goods? You do not have to have a licence for carriage of own goods. I cannot see what carriage of own goods has to do with it. There is no such thing as carriage of own goods unde...More Button

To make this quite specific, what you are stating here is that if anybody wants to hire a vehicle for whatever purpose he would have to have a certificate of competence. It does not state in that sec...More Button

The precise point I am making is that in this section it states: “(6) Where a vehicle (being a mechanically propelled vehicle or a vehicle drawn by a mechanically propelled vehicle)— (a) is hired to ...More Button

That is what I am asking — is that what section 112 of the Transport act states?More Button

That clarifies the point.More Button

It was clarified by the Minister but it could be strengthened by just adding in “for the carriage of own goods”.More Button

It would strengthen the section if that were added.More Button

This is the section dealing mainly with penalties. I will just go back to the points that were made earlier by Senator O'Toole. There is no point in having penalties listed in legislation unless the...More Button

There is a lack of willingness on the part of the Department to deal with the offences if we are not going to allow the temporary immobilisation or the confiscation of a vehicle for the time being. T...More Button

I am talking about confiscation until the offence is rectified. If a truck driver from Ireland is going through England and his tachograph is not in order, when he reaches the docks in Liverpool and ...More Button

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