Lanigan, Mick

Wednesday, 21 May 1986

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 112 No. 13

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In view of the fact that deposit interest retention tax is going to mean a number of administrative changes within the Revenue Commissioners, how many extra staff are to be deployed to ensure that the...More Button

I am sorry that Senator Ferris saw fit to go down the road of ideological nonsense in bringing his left wing ideological crap into this debate.More Button

I withdraw it. To suggest that elderly people who have invested money and who need interest to support themselves are trying to evade or avoid tax is ludicrous. To suggest that the billions of pound...More Button

The Minister did say he does not acknowledge that people in the Revenue Commissioners are overworked.More Button

I suggest that if we are to take the situation that pertains in the country where it is constantly said that taxes are not being collected because the staffs are not available, your premise that now w...More Button

Will there be staff available in the income tax offices around the country to deal specifically with people who go in to look for reclaiming of interest because at present it is impossible? There are...More Button

I am not sure I can understand the logic of the argument being made by the Minister. Basically, he is saying that people should run down their capital and live partly on capital and partly on interes...More Button

I am glad that the Minister has brought in this series of provisos which give capital allowances in certain designated areas for the general restructuring of certain areas, but I would like the Minist...More Button

Very well.More Button

There would be a dilution if it were extended but there would be a definite advantage to the Revenue Commissioners and a tremendous advantage from the environmental point of view. Also, there would b...More Button

I support the recommendation proposed by Senator Howard. It makes sense. The Minister said there would be a duplication of the allowance if this were brought in. It is basically a similar recommend...More Button

If people use part of their dwelling house for business purposes, is the Minister saying now they will get capital allowances or is he saying they will get a tax allowance over the ten year period if...More Button

There is no need for that recommendation at all. What he is saying is that the recommendation as suggested by Senator Howard is already, included. He is accepting the amendment as being an integral p...More Button

Is it the case that a shop or a public house or any service industry will come in under these allowances?More Button

Would the Minister not agree that this hole in the tax revenue would be a very short duration because if you can get the blighted areas in cities refurbished and occupied you will get revenue right th...More Button

I should like to ask the Minister why the qualifying people in this are owner-occupiers? Why are the allowances not extended to other than owner-occupiers?More Button

I can understand what the Minister has said but, in reality, if you are talking about the Custom House dock area and the other inner city areas in Dublin, Cork, and Limerick, these sites will be very ...More Button

Does this mean in these designated areas that if a building contractor goes in and builds a block of flats, each individual who buys a flat from him will get the full allowance under this section?More Button

I would go along with the recommendation. There is no doubt that people, particularly in small businesses today, are so concerned with trying to keep a business together on a day to day basis, that s...More Button

I wish to join with Senator Smith and Senator Daly in appealing to the Minister on this. The Minister said that to bring the limit up to £10,000 would cost £29 million.More Button

Whether it is £21 million or £29 million the situation is that because of this grave inequity company cars are not being replaced as they should be and people are driving around in cars that are defin...More Button

One of the reasons that-there are so many badly maintained cars on the road is that people cannot afford to maintain them and they are not being replaced as they should be replaced. It is peculiar th...More Button

There is a word used by the Revenue Commissioners in this section which should be withdrawn. In 1978 I asked that the word “negrohead”, as a means of collecting customs duties be withdrawn. It is a ...More Button

Just because the trade use that pharse there is no reason why we should use it. The trade in tobacco in America in run by whites. They use that as a derogatory phrase. It should not appear in our l...More Button

I would be satisfied if the Minister would give us a guarantee that he will look at the situation and try to have this word eliminated. It is racially discriminatory. This is used by the whites in A...More Button

I have no great love for Lord Cavendish and it is his name that is down there. Question put and agreed to. Section 64 agreed to. SECTION 65. Question proposed: “That section 65 stand part of the Bill....More Button

I want to follow up on what Senator Smith said. Further reductions in petrol prices would be self-financing because if you generate traffic on the roads you are going to have a spin-off effect for th...More Button

I still feel the Minister is not giving the industry a fair crack of the whip. If, like during the war, we put our motor cars up on blocks, sprayed them and put anti-rust material on them, over the y...More Button

The Minister cannot take credit for the reduction of imports duty on spare parts.More Button

The process was started because of an EC regulation.More Button

The simple fact is that the motor trade is not getting a fair crack of the whip. In the importation, distribution and repairs sections it was one of the biggest employers in this country. It is stil...More Button

If the owner is paying his taxes it is a legitimate garage and I hope that he would be a member of the IMI.More Button

In the absence of a DOE test I am glad that the Minister is able to say definitely that his car is fit to be on the road. Because of taxation and the lack of incentive to employ people in the motor t...More Button

There is only one thing I could suggest and that is to ensure a revitilisation of the motor industry and the only way we can do that is by giving concessions. The motor industry made a quid-pro-quo i...More Button

I want to add my voice to the case that has been very well made by Senator Kiely. There are a number of aspects to this that should be taken into account when the Minister is having a look at the sit...More Button

I would like to ask the Minister again to accede to this request. We are not making a comparison between the sports here. The root of the game of hurling is in Ireland and the root of the hurley is t...More Button

Dentists are VAT free as well. Question put and agreed to. Section 90 agreed to. SECTION 91. Question proposed: “That section 91 stand part of the Bill.”More Button

We have been fairly critical of the Minister all day. For people in the,repair end of the motor industry it is good to see that from now on the repair of moveable goods will come down from the 25 per...More Button

Is it the repair to the tyres?More Button

We are excluding the provision in the course of any such repair maintenance or alteration service in tyres and so on. We are talking about repairs here. It is suggested there that batteries, accesso...More Button

The wording is not quite clear. Question put and agreed to. Section 92 agreed to.More Button

Business of Seanad.

May I suggest that the House sit from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. with a lunch break? I am particularly thinking of the staff of the House, a number of whom have intimated to me that they go home by bus. If ...More Button

If the staff are entitled to taxis, then that is fair enough. Are we entitled to taxis after 11 p.m.?More Button

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