Ahern, Bertie

Thursday, 9 July 1987

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 116 No. 16

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Labour Services Bill, 1987: Committee and Final Stages.

I do not disagree with the comments about voluntary organisations made by Senator Harte, but the purpose of section 4 (1) (f) is to allow FÁS to operate community-based enterprise activities such as ...More Button

The European Community is a single labour market and there is freedom of movement between member states. The EC operates an international vacancy notification and job placement service for all the co...More Button

I agree with the Senator that any organisation that goes to the trouble — and a number of them have been in touch with my Department putting suggestions forward — are to be complimented. While we can...More Button

The answer is “no”. The subsidiary exists in order to sell some of the expertise and services available within the body as at present constituted.More Button

There seems to be some confusion. I must explain that “the subsidiary” in the legislation is purely for overseas commercial operations. If there is a particular expertise needed by a contractor and ...More Button

Correct.More Button

They can train people in the State but they can only operate as a commercial company outside the State.More Button

To go back over some of those points, section 5 is a contingency provision to enable the Minister to confer additional functions on FÁS if the need arises. It is expected that this provision will be ...More Button

I will probably lose faith with my accountancy profession by saying this——More Button

I am afraid that I have to agree with him. The organisation will have a budget of around £200 million. Section 11 is the standard provision for non-commercial State-sponsored bodies. The Industrial T...More Button

I understand the points being made by Senators Harte and Hillery. The Committee of Public Accounts are a very important committee to both Houses of the Oireachtas. The normal process is for copies of...More Button

The points were made by Senator O'Toole. I talked to Senator Brendan Ryan yesterday and he expressed a wish to be in the House today to discuss this Bill. I join with the Senators in wishing him wel...More Button

The details of the expenditure would go to the agencies under the subheads. Their policy would be outlined in great detail within the House. As well as that — it happens in the Dáil at Question Time...More Button

The intention and what will happen and must happen according to the legislation is that the programme must be submitted three months prior to the next financial year, so the latest date would be the e...More Button

That is a commitment. If you ask what they will say, if FÁS or their subsidiary submit a report stating what the organisation wish to do in 1988, I would almost with certainty say that there could wel...More Button

If the report of the FÁS organisation was not to be approved even in an amended form, it would mean that the entire fairly major organisation of FÁS would come to a standstill. Under the legislation...More Button

That is the position. As part of the Estimates, whatever the final day of the Estimates is and that has tended to be in recent years prior to any Christmas, if it is 10 January, because a budget has ...More Button

I can say that the Book of Estimates for 1988 is being presently discussed so they are well ahead, so I can safely give a commitment for next year. Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.More Button

It is clear from the comments of both Senators that they understand the difficulties here. Within the Manpower organisation and other organisations there have been tremendous difficulties and problem...More Button

I do not see that argument at all. As a matter of fact, I do not understand the Senator's logic. To put into a Bill a word that then has to be defined when we have obtained legal advice from the par...More Button

The Senator defeats his own argument when he talks about the vow of silence and confidentiality and says that nobody knows anything and then goes on to explain that he read it all in this morning's pa...More Button

I hope it was not because I sit at the Cabinet table and I heard none of it.More Button

It would not be appropriate for such directions to be laid before each House of the Oireachtas. The Minister of the day, in his dealings with FÁS, must be entitled to a certain degree of discretion....More Button

I appreciate that Senator O'Toole is doing his duty to ensure that all information will be readily available to the public but the important point is that the Minister for the day would rarely give an...More Button

The present agencies — the Youth Employment Agency, the National Manpower Service and AnCO — have made great efforts at every one of their centres to try and involve the local community. If anything,...More Button

I take Senator Manning's point. I do not believe it would be used too much. Perhaps it would be seen or viewed as a type of protection. When I was spokesman on Labour and the Public Service I argue...More Button

I understand both points made by the Senators. It would be easy to say that we will write it into the legislation that anyone who serves on the board of FÁS should make a full declaration of interest...More Button

Some good points were made by Senator Harte in endeavouring to ensure that the organisation will be working towards a strategic plan and a reviewing of their plans. Just to give the details that he r...More Button

First, I should like to commend Senator Kennedy for his contribution on this issue today and last week on Second Stage. It is quite obvious that he has a great knowledge and involvement with the volu...More Button

I accept the Senator's position; I know he has been fighting this case for some time. The Seanad will appreciate that that speech was made when I was not Minister for Labour but it is correct so far ...More Button

I thank Senator Harte for this amendment. I have no great hangups about who the nominating bodies appoint, whether they be male or female. Regardless of my personal preference about who I would like ...More Button

May I thank Senators for their co-operation last week and this week in passing this Bill. I take the point made by Senator O'Toole that this is important legislation. It is setting up a State organis...More Button

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