Ryan, Brendan

Wednesday, 17 February 1988

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 118 No. 11

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I am a bit wary of rising in the light of Senator McGowan's remarks but I will take the risk nevertheless. Senator Manning made some extraordinary reference to Item No. 10. I was beginning to wonder...More Button

Video Recordings Bill, 1987: Report Stage.

On a point of order, is it in order for me to propose that the amendments with reference to licensing of video recording dealers should be recommitted under Article 91 of Standing Orders? It seems to...More Button

Quite simply, there are a whole host of issues of policy, a whole host of issues of detail, a whole host of issues of organisation, which are well evidenced by the fact that the Department of Justice ...More Button

No.More Button

I have never been able to understand the purpose behind all these proposals for licensing video outlets. If somebody suggested that we should license bookshops the country would rise up in outrage a...More Button

It is a matter of great regret that we cannot speak again on this amendment because it deserves to be pursued further. Amendment put.More Button

I move amendment No. 7: In page 5, line 34, to delete paragraph (c).More Button

I listened with considerable interest — this is what the Minister usually says when he is rejecting an amendment — and extremely carefully to what the Minister said. He actually said that it would be...More Button

Since the Minister has been allowed to reply I will have to ask for the Chair's indulgence. I understood this was Report Stage and that one could speak only once. I insist on the right to have the f...More Button

I invited the Minister to interrupt me but I do insist on my right, as the proposer of the amendment, to have the final say on the amendment. It is my privilege as the mover of the amendment on this S...More Button

I am really dumbfounded that a Government in this country would contemplate — even for six months, not to mention the number of years it will take to produce incitement to hatred legislation — signall...More Button

I move amendment No. 11: In page 6, lines 3 to 5, to delete subparagraph (iii) and substitute the following: “(iii) would be likely by reason of being in greater part or in its entirety indecent or ob...More Button

Before I speak on the amendment I want to say something very clearly. I have no particular objection to who handles Government business in this House but I have a profound objection to somebody being...More Button

I will, but I think I am entitled to explain why I wanted to propose an amendment. This amendment is to change section 3 with regard to subsection (1) (a) and what is now, regrettably and most misfor...More Button

Not fair; not true.More Button

I thought the Minister liked me.More Button

Senator, Norris said it. The Government have utterly refused and failed to address the philosophical questions surrounding censorship. They were addressed by the Minister for Justice when he held a p...More Button

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