Burke, Ray

Thursday, 23 June 1988

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 120 No. 8

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Radio and Television Bill, 1987: Committee Stage (Resumed).

No, the advertising procedure is very well covered by another section dealing with advertising. There has to be a code of practice for the advertising and the type of advertising they accept. That i...More Button

I hope I can be of help to the Seanad on this. I was very conscious of the exact concerns expressed by the Senators here this morning at the time I was drafting this legislation. Section 6 reads: T...More Button

I take the Senator's word on that. In relation to national radio and television it will be a question of whether non-nationals will apply, but it is my wish that our own nationals will be running the...More Button

I will definitely bring it to the attention of the Commission. Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.More Button

I could not see that there would be an annual review or a yellow card system. I would see the relationship between the Commission and the contractor as being an ongoing day-to-day arrangement where t...More Button

It could of course come in but, as I said in answer to Senator Manning earlier, this will be a continuous relationship between the Commission and the contractor. The Commission could say to the contr...More Button

There will be flexibility. There will have to be flexibility and common sense. RTE change programmes from one season to another if they find that there is greater attraction to one type of programme ...More Button

This arose out of debates in the Dáil on Second Stage. A number of Members expressed the view that there could be a very specialist type station in a town or local region, for example, in the southsi...More Button

I will deal with the last point. As far as the educational aspects are concerned, I know my colleague the Minister for Education, who is primarily responsible in this area, is very conscious of it. ...More Button

I see the town stations also having to carry the 20 per cent news content but it could apply to a specialised type of station in a town rather than a normal station in a town. It is in a very excepti...More Button

The last point made by the Senator is precisely the reason.More Button

No. It does not.More Button

A totally separate frequency will be available for the independent radio and television services. The key to having it in is that RTE by the very nature of the development over 60 years have had the p...More Button

Let us not get into that.More Button

I think there is going to be great potential for RTE to sell their services on sports etc. in local areas to the local stations and there is nothing barring RTE from doing it. It would make great com...More Button

Not necessarily.More Button

I am not saying they cannot be used. I am not saying they have to be used. They can use the RTE masts and facilities but they will pay for them. They can do it. Also we have entered into arrangemen...More Button

I think it will mean extra business for Telecom Éireann. They are very happy to provide any facility and as Minister responsible for Telecom may I say I am delighted with the extra business that is g...More Button

I would be delighted to assure Senator Manning that my foresight in this area as in so many other areas of public administration and public life is just spot on. I can say that a number of groups in ...More Button

I will just answer the Senator's point on the question of freedom of information. There is a unique level of transparency in this Bill — we discussed it last evening — in relation to the question of ...More Button

I dealt with this question before. That is after the decision is taken. Before a decision is taken — and we discussed this last night on an amendment in the name of Senator Manning — the position is ...More Button

In preparing the legislation and in deciding on an alternative television channel, I looked at the position of RTE 2. If I went down the road of making RTE 2 the independent channel, I would not have...More Button

I accept that absolutely.More Button

The position in relation to this is that I have been very anxious and I share the Senator's concern in relation to independent production. I was very anxious to see the independent production sector ...More Button

My view is that Channel 3 should be geared on the Channel 4-type operation in the United Kingdom. That is what I have in mind. I have been in contact with and had discussions with Channel 4 people ...More Button

Let me clarify this for Senator Mooney and the House. I accept fully what he wants and the principle of having as much of our own native programmes on our own channels as possible. I refer him to se...More Button

I assure the Senator that this point of view has already been put forward strenuously on behalf of Irish producers and the Irish case. Question put and agreed to. SECTION 19. Question proposed: “That ...More Button

As far as the general question of MMDS is concerned, I can assure the Senator on many of the points he has raised, that similar points are coming out from the groups running the illegal deflectors. I...More Button

Amendment No. 9 proposes to remove the right of the Commission to remove a member of the staff from office. That could not be accepted. The Commission must have such a right. It would be extraordinar...More Button

For clarification, to help in this debate before it goes too far off the rails, what is written in here is exactly what operates in RTE. The Broadcasting Authority Act under which RTE operate provid...More Button

Not at all. I am assured that is the reality. It is merely an enabling power. The parliamentary draftsman in deciding on the form of the legislation insisted that it should go in. It is not intend...More Button

Why do the Commission need legislation at all? Why can we not just set up the national radio networks and the independent radio networks without legislation? You need a framework and this framework ...More Button

I am.More Button

I share the Senator's last point in relation to members and active members of political parties. Living in a democracy with a party system, our democracy is stronger because of the participation of me...More Button

As regards the democratic situation is concerned, I accept what the Senator is saying in relation to ACOT and other less high profile organisations. We are talking about a Commission here, a very high...More Button

Section 1 (5) of the Schedule states: A person shall not be appointed to be a member of the Commission unless he has had experience of or shows capacity in, media or commercial affairs, radio communic...More Button

I am not.More Button

We are only talking about those involved in illegal broadcasting. You are talking about media, being the paper industry et cetera.More Button

The existing Broadcasting and Wireless Telegraphy Bill, the other Bill will be coming to you afterwards, sets out that 31 December is the last day they can operate. After that the Broadcasting and Wi...More Button

Radio and Television Bill, 1987: Report and Final Stages.

We had a very detailed debate in Dáil Éireann on the Radio and Television Bill and the Broadcasting and Wireless Telegraphy Bill. A warm welcome was expressed in that House for the criteria laid down...More Button

We discussed this at great length. I have since had the opportunity to have this checked. Amendment No. 3 is not required because there is no question a nominated Member of either House or of the Eu...More Button

No, I am not saying that at all. I am saying I would look at it in other circumstances.More Button

Amendment No. 3 is not necessary because a nominee does not lose his or her employment. There is no question of their losing their employment; it is a matter of secondment. Nobody loses employment as...More Button

Broadcasting and Wireless Telegraphy Bill, 1987: Committee and Final Stages.

I can assure the Senator that is my aim and wish. Question put and agreed to.More Button

It is more relevant to the previous Bill but they may apply for new licences. There is no difficulty in doing that, but in relation to their call letters, as the Deputy calls them, their names, depen...More Button

They may apply. I thought I had answered it. Question put and agreed to. Sections 15 to 20, inclusive, agreed to.More Button

Without delaying the House I wish to thank the Senators for their expression of support for what has been now passed through this House. It has been ten years coming and I must say I am very pleased ...More Button

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