Mooney, Paschal Canice

Thursday, 23 June 1988

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 120 No. 8

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Radio and Television Bill, 1987: Committee Stage (Resumed).

I do not wish to hold up this section. I am aware that the Minister is as concerned as any of us about the possibility of takeovers in the media and in the context of this new Bill. I feel I should...More Button

I have already identified it as the Guardian newspaper.More Button

I can supply that to the Editor of Debates.More Button

The Leitrim one will definitely be safe.More Button

Section 14 (4) at the bottom of page 13 states: Every sound broadcasting contract shall — (a) provide that the Commission may, at its discretion, suspend or terminate the contract—— (i) if any false o...More Button

A contractor could come back to the Commission and say that his experience has shown that his original application and programme schedule are not working in the marketplace and for commercial reasons ...More Button

In view of what the Minister has said, could I ask him to clarify the position. Is the thinking behind this section that the news and current affairs requirement would apply almost in tolo to the cou...More Button

I hope I am within the bounds of the section because there are two areas I would be anxious to hear the Minister's views on? Community access is becoming increasingly important. Is it envisaged in t...More Button

Are the existing facilities owned by RTE, such as masts and lines? My reason for asking is that the provision of lines into RTE for news and sport are through the good offices of Telecom Éireann and i...More Button

I am very grateful to the Minister for his lengthy and detailed reply. There have been a number of articles in the media in recent weeks, more specifically Colum Kenny writing in The Irish Times of 2...More Button

Nor was I referring to any of my Senatorial colleagues. I was making a specific reference as quoted. Question put and agreed to. SECTION 18. Question proposed: “That section 18 stand part of the Bill...More Button

I am sorry to interrupt the Senator but may I move that there be a short adjournment to allow the Minister to vote.More Button

The Minister will be aware of my interests in the question raised by Senator Cassidy in relation to section 18 (4) (a) and (b). While I fully accept the Minister's response in relation to having to k...More Button

I welcome what the Minister said and it is important that it be put on the record of the House. I do not wish to detract from what has been an excellent job in relation to our national television cha...More Button

On a point of information for Members, I have a copy of the Broadcasting Authority Amendment Act, 1976. Section 9 of this Act states, “where a member of the commission”— in this instance I believe th...More Button

I am talking specifically about broadcasting.More Button

On a point of information, I am sorry to interrupt Senator Ross, but it is unfair to attach political affiliations to somebody who is not here to defend himself against that allegation.More Button

On a point of information, would the Senators not accept what I have already said? I fully accept that Senator Ferris has broadened the argument to talk about all boards, but I am talking specificall...More Button

It is the law.More Button

That is in the existing legislation. I can quote that for the Senator.More Button

I am not employed by RTE.More Button

Radio and Television Bill, 1987: Report and Final Stages.

I am opposed to this amendment. I could not help being reminded when listening to Senators Ross and Ferris about when I was young and used to read in my history books about the tenant farmers, before...More Button

Broadcasting and Wireless Telegraphy Bill, 1987: Committee and Final Stages.

I would like to add to what Senator Manning has requested by asking for a clarification in relation to existing illegal operators who have identified themselves with call letters throughout the countr...More Button

Could I clarify something in relation to existing illegal operators? A great many people who have not become involved in illegal operations have consciously made a decision that they would wait until...More Button

I will be glad to. Question put and agreed to. Title agreed to. Bill reported without amendment and received for final consideration. Question proposed: “That the Bill do now pass.”More Button

I concur with everything Senator Manning has said and I, too, compliment the Minister and his officials, not only on bringing forward this much needed legislation but also on the manner of its draftin...More Button

Business of Seanad.

At 12 o'clock on Tuesday next, 28 June 1988.More Button

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