Ryan, Brendan

Wednesday, 6 July 1988

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 120 No. 13

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Order of Business.

When we debated the events in the Persian Gulf last night there was a widespread view held by many Members of this House that the conditions in Iran were a fit topic for discussion. May I then request...More Button

Data Protection Bill, 1987: Second Stage.

This Bill is most welcome and I compliment the Minister. Not just in this country but collectively, we have, been a bit slow to respond to the extraordinary changes that have taken place, to which Se...More Button

I would not have thought so but that is a matter for you rather than for me to decide. In conclusion, I regret that, even though the Minister mentioned this in his speech, there is not an actual proh...More Button

Data Protection Bill, 1987: Committee and Final Stages.

I am sure the Minister would prefer if I let this Bill go through quickly without even complimenting him, but there is a small part of section 4 which deserves to be commended, that is, section 4 (1) ...More Button

The Minister replied at considerable length on Second Stage to some questions I had about section 8. I would not claim to have read this Bill in great detail but he did refer to the data which are re...More Button

The Minister mentioned the Garda as an example, and one can appreciate that, but maybe he can explain why it is so broadly drafted that virtually any agent of a State agency, could ask for this inform...More Button

I do not want to delay the House unnecessarily on what is noncontroversial legislation, but is the Minister satisfied it is a good idea that virtually anybody who is connected in any way with the inte...More Button

I presume the Minister is satisfied about the drafting of the legislation. Otherwise he would not have brought it here. I would like to understand the reasoning behind it because it seems to me to be...More Button

I do not want to delay the House unnecessarily——More Button

A Chathaoirligh, that is not something that you should have said. You have a right to regulate this House, but I also have a right to participate in its activities.More Button

What the Minister said does not really answer my question. Maybe I am wrong about the extent or the generality or the sort of generalisations that are contained in it, but in the case of paragraph (a)...More Button

If the provisions of paragraphs (b), (c), (d), etc. were clearly an expansion of paragraph (a), there would be no problem. In other words, if it was either a garda superintendent or a colonel in the ...More Button

I promise not to keep us one second longer than is necessary. I can understand what the Minister is saying. That is covered by paragraph (d) which reads: “required urgently to prevent injury or other...More Button

The Minister has explained it to a considerable extent but what about the legal responsibility on the data controller? Would a data controller be liable to prosecution if he simply took an applicatio...More Button

Is that specifically stated in the Bill or is that the Minister's interpretation of section 8? Is it simply implied in section 8 that that is the case, or is it specifically stated somewhere?More Button

Normally in legislation such as this, for instance the Intoxicating Liquor Act for which the Minister deserves to be commended, in which people are given a responsibility like this, there is usually a...More Button

I am really not going to keep us much longer on this but like all legislation this will ultimately be interpreted by the courts. Can we give data controllers assurances about how the courts will inte...More Button

Tobacco (Health Promotion and Protection) Bill, 1988: Committee Stage.

I will have to speak to my Church about Senator Murphy.More Button

Not half as tired as I am.More Button

One of my colleagues mentioned the question of employment; I think it was Senator Murphy. This is the greatest red herring of all. If the western world were to succeed in abolishing the consumption ...More Button

The Leas-Chathaoirleach is going back to the very early days. I am not sure what Senator Murphy means by it “suiting” me. I listened to the debate here with increasing amazement. If people discovered...More Button

I do not want to delay the House unnecessarily — I have been accused of saying that every time I stand up and might as well reinforce the stereotype at least — but I think we are seeing problems that ...More Button

They can thank God they were lucky.More Button

I think these amendments are quite outrageous. The suggestion that somebody has the right to inflict their noxious emissions on me I find entirely outrageous.More Button

I am sorry, people are talking about the rights of smokers. People have a right to smoke in a room on their own, which in my view should have a skull and cross bones on the door saying: “Warning, if y...More Button

It was done in America.More Button

There is no smoking allowed in toilets.More Button

I wish to put on the record of the House what the amendments would mean, if they were accepted. Under section 2(2) the Minister could not prohibit the consumption of tobacco products in an aircraft, ...More Button

That is not what is stated in the Bill.More Button

Perhaps the Minister could remind us again of the number of people who die each year directly as a result of cigarette smoking in the context of what we have discussed about the rights of minorities.More Button

Business of Seanad.

My information coincides with that of Senator O'Toole and it was not Senator O'Toole who told me.More Button

Housing Bill, 1988: Committee Stage (Resumed).

On a number of occasions during the discussion on this Bill, both on Second and Committee Stages I raised and quoted the figures relating to local authority house building and the extraordinary reduct...More Button

I take it the Minister is not prepared to discuss the scale or otherwise of local authority house building in the immediate future. Senator Doyle and I asked him on a number of occasions to comment o...More Button

I made a passing reference to Estimates. The marginal note to section 15 refers to grants or subsidies by Minister for dwellings, sites and assistance provided by housing authorities. I am simply tr...More Button

I fully agree with Senator Doyle. The reply on Second Stage, unlike the replies of a number of Ministers in the past couple of weeks, by the junior Minister at the Department of the Environment was e...More Button

I am trying to explain to the Minister why we have to do these things. It is because matters that were raised on Second Stage were not dealt with. It was uncharacteristic of the way in which a numbe...More Button

I move amendment No. 33: In page 20, lines 20 to 25, to delete all words after “hereby” to the end of the section and substitute “repealed.”. I am a little surprised at your ruling that amendment No. ...More Button

I would have thought amendment No. 35 was consequential on amendment No. 33. If one attempts to repeal the Vagrancy Act entirely in section 28, then one is obliged to put a similar provision——More Button

Sorry, I misunderstood the word “alternative”, not the first time I made a mistake. As I said on Second Stage, I want to compliment the Minister on the provision in the Bill. Many people have talked...More Button

I am not going to argue with the Minister. At the end of what I have to say, which will be brief, I will be withdrawing the amendment. The Law Reform Commission's report on vagrancy is quite illiber...More Button

I just want the guidance of the Chair on section 30 which refers to enactments specified in the Schedule which are to be repealed. Do I raise them under section 30 or when we come to the Schedule? I...More Button

I am concerned about section 55 of the 1966 Housing Act. Section 55, under the marginal note “Building Programmes” states: It shall be the duty of a housing authority, within such period after the com...More Button

Yes.More Button

Section 55 has to do with a building programme. Section 20 has to do with having regard to the assessment where it states, “maintain a reasonable balance between the respective needs of classes of pe...More Button

Perhaps the Minister or a Member who is a member of one of the local authorities can clarify this for me. Under what statutory provision will local authorities draw up house building programmes? Ther...More Button

Housing Bill, 1988: Report and Final Stages.

I move amendment No. 2: In page 21, line 34, to delete “55”. I found the Minister's explanation for the deletion, in its entirety, of section 55 of the 1966 Act entirely unconvincing. I have spent — ...More Button

May I say that I did not think that section 55 required local authorities to build houses and I never said so? I proposed the amendment. The section required local authorities to go through all the ...More Button

This is the Final Stage of the Bill. I have peculiar feelings about what is in this Bill. On the one hand, I am very happy to see a number of provisions in the Bill. It is the first time that peopl...More Button

Tobacco (Health Promotion and Protection) Bill, 1988: Committee Stage (Resumed) and Final Stages.

I rise not because there is anything to add to what Senator Norris has said but simply to compliment him on the thoroughness of his amendments. I support them all. I would wish that the Minister woul...More Button

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