O'Toole, Joe John

Wednesday, 21 September 1988

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 121 No. 1

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Order of Business.

We also welcome the fact that the House has returned early to work on a programme of legislation. We have heard some quite disconcerting rumours that the House is going to meet for only a week or a w...More Button

It is disgraceful that only one item has been proposed by the Leader of the House today. That is not good enough. We need to know what the programme of work is going to be for the next number of mo...More Button

I have made the point that this is the only opportunity which I have had to discuss this matter in any formal way. I quite understand that it is not a matter for you, a Chathaoirligh: I am addressing...More Button

No, I am not.More Button

I wish to ask will the Leader of the House place on the Order of Business those motions on the Order Paper today which will address the issues which are topical and relevant to the problems in Irish s...More Button

A Chathaoirligh, I would like to raise a serious point of order. I have been thinking about the charge made by Senator McGowan which you said should be dealt with by the CPP. I would like the Leader ...More Button

On a point of order—— (Interruptions.)More Button

On a point of order, two charges were made against me. (Interruptions.)More Button

I ask that the charges made against me, neither of which are true, be either substantiated or withdrawn. I never proposed to disrupt the Business of the House ever. The record will show that on certa...More Button

On a point of order, that charge was never made. The charge was that there was no discussion or consultation about Private Members' time.More Button

The only consultation was that the Companies Bill would be taken, nothing further.More Button

That is a lie. I am not going to sit here listening to lies.More Button

That is untrue——More Button

How can we do so if there is no Private Members' time?More Button

Is there a programme of work from now until Christmas?More Button

Companies (No. 2) Bill, 1987: Committee Stage (Resumed).

I might be of some help to the House in this matter. I recall returning from a fair in Dingle some years ago after selling some animals with my uncle and being asked by my grandfather what price we ...More Button

I have lost my notes on the section and I would like to have the reference to subsection (2) of the Principal Act explained if the Minister would not mind. I do not have that with me at the moment. ...More Button

I thought that was the area that was being covered. I welcome, and certainly the trade union movement welcome, this attempt at tightening up the legislation. It is long past the time when that type ...More Button

“The court may, on cause shown...” I would like the Minister to expand on the type of “cause shown”, and what exactly is envisaged by this section.More Button

Is the Minister saying that a person takes the matter to the court and puts forward the arguments and gives the causes or the reasons or the case for the removal of the receiver and that the court ju...More Button

I accept that. I see the value in not listing them because a list can be interpreted by a judge as giving a certain direction of thought when, in fact, it is nearly impossible to consider the variety...More Button

It is good really that we are all agreed on this point. It is an imaginative and a fairly major step forward. I think it will work. There will be difficulties. There will always be difficulties in ...More Button

I am sorry. I thought we were talking about the section in general.More Button

I move amendment No. 205: In page 113, between lines 31 and 32, to insert a new paragraph as follows: “(d) a trade union representing employees of the company.” I am sorry that I am about to repeat my...More Button

I stand very firmly on the left of the political spectrum. We are talking about interested parties. I do not want to flog this thing to death. I am saying that the employees or the representatives ...More Button

I have a mixed response to what the Minister has said. We are back to where we left off in July on the previous part where we had a similar discussion. Do I take it that what the Minister is saying h...More Button

Do I interpret the Minister as saying that he intends to bring in at this stage of the Bill an amendment to include the word “employee”?More Button

Politics is the art of the possible and only the art of the possible. Certainly when one puts forward a proposal one is always a bit unhappy if it is not accepted. I do appreciate that the Minister h...More Button

In regard to the point raised by Senatory Ryan I must say that I tend to agree with the Minister, but I want to be sure that my interpretation is correct. Senator Ryan was worried that a company coul...More Button

I welcome this amendment and in particular the time limit. Right through the discussion of this Bill we have all agreed that time limits tighten up the procedure admirably. Could the Minister direct ...More Button

I am inclined to agree on that particular point. I take Senator Ryan's point about the need for access to this information by the interested parties, but I could foresee a situation, for instance, th...More Button

An example strikes me of where this type of thing could lead to insider trading. I recall that Fóir Teoranta were involved in a public company which was based in the Limerick area some years back and...More Button

I have a difficulty with this subsection. I always worry about taking away support structures or protective structures. Any of us who have been involved in any kind of organisation of any descriptio...More Button

It is very hard to decide the number of days. The type of company would dictate a great deal. I would like “reasonable notice”. A judgment is made then and the courts decide if it was unreasonable ...More Button

That is all right.More Button

It just shows how constructive we are when we do not have all the interruptions from the far side of the House.More Button

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