Ross, Shane Peter Nathaniel

Wednesday, 23 November 1988

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 121 No. 7

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I would just like to ask one or two questions about the Order of Business today and about the Order of Business generally. I will be specific as to what Senator Lanigan raised if that is what he wish...More Button

Jewish Community in the Soviet Union: Motion (Resumed).

Yes.More Button

That is not an impartial remark——More Button

Some hope.More Button

I am very grateful for the opportunity to speak very briefly on this motion — very briefly simply because I cannot see what there is to discuss about it. To me it is a very clear-cut, very open issue...More Button

No, you do not.More Button

I saw that and what I should point out is “bilaterally” is mentioned once in the speech, “Twelve” is mentioned six or seven times already. That is the whole point I was trying to make, that it is men...More Button

I look forward to the Minister's reply on Nicaragua this evening and I look forward to him saying in his reply on Nicaragua that American policy in Nicaragua has been a disgrace and has been oppressiv...More Button

The Minister interrupted me.More Button

Having said that I would like very briefly to get on to the substantive motion. This issue is so clear that I cannot understand some of the things which Senator Ryan said. Senator Ryan gave qualifie...More Button

That is outrageous. He was allowed to make a statement of that sort without interruption from the Chair. If I am not allowed to even speak in reply to what he said without interruption, I really do ...More Button

Business of Seanad.

I do not believe you can suspend the sitting on the motion of the Leader of the House. I presume we are entitled to challenge it.More Button

Diplomatic Relations with Nicaragua: Motion (Resumed).

I am prepared to give him a few minutes.More Button

It is rarely that I agree so wholeheartedly with my Independent colleague as I do with this speech by Senator Ryan which he has just made.More Button

It is a change and no less sincere for the change. What surprised me a Chathaoirligh, about what the Minister said today was not so much what he said — which you could not argue with, because he sai...More Button

Exactly. That is exactly the point that I have been making. If the Leader of the House had not interrupted me I would have more time. I want to hear him specifically condemn United States policy an...More Button

I will reply to the Minister's speech. If I am not allowed to speak on the Minister's speech, I really am being very restricted——More Button

Of course I am and I am entitled to do that. What I do not want to hear from the Minister is statements like “the Government share the interest and concern for the welfare of all the people of Centra...More Button

It is a general avoidance of the specific issues involved in this motion. We all subscribe——More Button

If it is the most important thing let me say to the Minister, we all subscribe to those sentiments. It is nothing new. It is nothing interesting. Every Member of this House subscribes and every pers...More Button

If I may continue without the Leader of the House interrupting——More Button

The Minister went on to say that it is not normal practice to comment — and I may be slightly wrong in the quotes — on diplomatic relations with a particular country. This is one of the points which ...More Button

Finally, I want to say that in many ways the opening of diplomatic relations would be symbolic. Yes. The material effects might not be great but it would be symbolic. It would be saying, Yes, Irela...More Button

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