Costello, Joe

Wednesday, 14 March 1990

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 124 No. 7

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Order of Business.

I would like to support my colleague, Senator Upton, in his request that time be given at least for statements to be made in relation to Irish Life and the implications of the steps that are being ta...More Button

——who are not only paying any attention to what is taking place but are insulting the Legislature which is trying to deal with this very important matter.More Button

On a point of order, decisions are being taken, so it is a very important matter.More Button

Derelict Sites Bill, 1989: Committee Stage (Resumed).

I did not intend to say anything on this section but on the Order of Business today a matter relevant to the proposed amendment to section 11 was raised. Perhaps the Minister would clarify it for me...More Button

This is the amendment that I wished to make the comments on. It arises out of the discussion we had this afternoon on the Order of Business when we raised the question of property developers making ap...More Button

What I was seeking to do——More Button

If I may just clarify, what I was seeking to do is to give an example of a situation whereby dereliction can take place and unless there are measures to ensure that retrospectively that dereliction wi...More Button

My concern is with section 2. We had quite a discussion on this two weeks ago, about the areas which are excluded from this Bill in relation to the local authority.More Button

It arises just as section 13 is also relevant to it. We are talking about where the Minister has power to give direction to a local authority to take such steps as may be specified by him to prevent ...More Button

I move amendment No. 11: In page 14, subsection (1), lines 1 to 6, to delete paragraph (b). This deals with the question of compensation and with a further question of interest on any compensation tha...More Button

I thank the Minister. It is delightful and a relief to see that it is possible to get some changes on Bills that are proposed here. I think this is a worth while amendment and I certainly acknowledg...More Button

I move amendment No. 12: In page 15, line 4, to delete “five” and substitute “three”. I trust the Minister will accept this amendment and that we can continue in the same vein of goodwill. What we ar...More Button

Certainly Senators O'Keeffe and Cassidy have been helpful in putting this section in its context in relation to local authorities, stating that it coincides with the cycle of the county development pl...More Button

On the point made by Senator Cassidy, the question of the market value being whatever it is and that it will be there anyway, the problem we are referring to, of course, is the question of the levy, t...More Button

I agree entirely that the Minister has the very best of intentions with this legislation. The one last point I have to make is relevant to what he is saying, the question of staffing. While it is al...More Button

May I move it in the absence of Senators Norris and Ross?More Button

I move amendment No. 15: In page 16, subsection (7), line 34, after “to” where it first occurs, to insert “the remainder of”. Amendment No. 16 reads: In page 16, subsection (7), lines 34 and 35, to de...More Button

The Minister states that it is in the context of the local financial year and that therefore we should not be chopping and changing. But then, of course, section 23 (6) states that the levy may be pa...More Button

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