Doherty, Seán

Thursday, 6 December 1990

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 126 No. 17

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Tributes to Clerk of Seanad.

Before we commence the business of the morning, I would like to make it known to Members of the House that the Clerk of the Seanad, Mr. Kieran Coughlan, is with us for the last time today. He is goin...More Button

Senator Farrell. I think we should conclude now.More Button

Mr. Coughlan has asked me to say that he is acutely embarrassed by all the good wishes and that he would like to convey, through me, his personal thanks to all of you and his delight at having worked ...More Button

Business of Seanad.

I have notice from Senator Murphy that, on the motion for the Adjournment of the House today, he proposes to raise the following matter:More Button

Order of Business.

Senator, you are being grossly provocative. You must put a question to the Leader of the House.More Button

You are making a speech, Senator.More Button

Personal Explanation by Member.

: Senator Norris has given me notice that he wishes to make a personal explanation to the House. Before I call on the Senator I want to make it clear that I will not allow a debate on this matter. On...More Button

I do not wish to interrupt the Senator but he has been addressing the House for the last five minutes and I want to point out to him that what he is required to do by way of personal explanation is to...More Button

Again, I must remind the Senator that the substance of what he is saying is giving rise to further debate and it is not part of the personal explanation that he is only required to give.More Button

The Senator is merely required to give a personal explanation and nothing more or nothing less.More Button

Then I take it the Senator has concluded?More Button

At what stage is a personal explanation concluded in so far as the Senator is concerned?More Button

I pointed out that the personal explanation must be non-argumentative. I made that point to the Senator. There is an established precedent for that.More Button

The very point I made to the Senator initially, I want to make quite clear again, that I do not want in any way to constrain the Senator or prevent him from giving a personal explanation; but I must ...More Button

As of now the Senator is certainly going into very dangerous waters when he has made a suggestion such as he has made. I explained yesterday that the Leader of the House had a right of reply. He was...More Button

I am bound to observe the rules of the House as they are set down. If there are circumstances in which they are not adequately providing for what the Senator wants to do, then it is a matter for the ...More Button

Senator Ross, with great personal respect to you, I cannot allow you to raise any matter on a point of order or otherwise. This is an opportunity to make a personal explanation that is being afforded...More Button

Senator Ross, I have pointed out to you that there is no facility at all for you to enter into this discussion.More Button

I am quite satisfied he is sufficiently. The only thing I must remind him of is that there are certain guidelines and rules laid down and these must be observed in pursuit of the giving of a personal...More Button

If it is a thing that the Senator is satisfied that he has done that at this stage, I will be very satisfied.More Button

On that basis, the Senator has confirmed what Senator Fallon has stated yesterday.More Button

My job is to interpret the rules of this House——More Button

——and to ensure that the business of this House is carried out in accordance with the rules. As far as I am concerned, the Senator has given a personal explanation; he said a few moments ago that the...More Button

Senator Norris, you are seriously out of order and there is not any point in my continuing to advise you as to the situation that is going to develop if you are going to ignore what I have said. You ...More Button

We are 15 minutes into a situation now where either the Senator has satisfied himself that he has made a personal explanation or he has not. The Senator will resume his seat unless he has something v...More Button

I am going to ensure that there will be order. I have pointed out to you, Senator Norris, what constitutes a personal explanation. I have also pointed out to you the circumstances in which that pers...More Button

That is out of order as far as I am concerned and I am not prepared to engage in any further idle conversation in this regard.More Button

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