Doherty, Seán

Wednesday, 13 February 1991

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 127 No. 10

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Business of Seanad.

I have notice from Senator Dan Kiely that, on the motion for the Adjournment of the House today, he proposes to raise the following matter: The need for the Minister for the Marine to make funds avail...More Button

Order of Business.

Before I call the Leader of the House, I would like to ask for the co-operation of all Members of the House today in dealing effectively and efficiently and within a reasonable length of time with the...More Button

I think I should respond to that part of the Senator's question. There is a certain statutory function that must be pursued in that regard. I have undertaken to exercise that in the first instance an...More Button

I agree that what the Senator is addressing is important but he is going down the very road we are trying to avoid. I want to ask your co-operation. There is a procedure for discussing any matter and...More Button

Thank you, Senator.More Button

I think we are drifting slightly from the Order of Business.More Button

It is difficult to know at what point one should begin.More Button

There is a provision in Standing Order 29 for Members to raise any matter they feel concerned about and consider urgent. That provision obtains.More Button

Again, Senator, it must be by way of motion. While not wanting to be absolutely restrictive, at the same time I cannot allow what is tantamount to a speech to be made.More Button

I accept that, Senator Norris, but really you are engaging in a very wide area now if we are going to debate Standing Order 29. I just gave you a moment on it due to the fact that it was mentioned.More Button

I want to remind you, Senator, that you are not entitled to read the motion, but seeing that you have it read there is little I can do about it.More Button

Senator Norris, have you a question for the Leader of the House?More Button

You are gone beyond the question, Senator.More Button

Well, there is a full stop where you are concerned now unless you adhere more strictly.More Button

The Senator has made his point.More Button

There is no necessity to make such an emphatic statement. The Senator has put the question to the Leader of the House and I am sure he will reply.More Button

Put down a motion.More Button

I must remind the Senator, as I have with others——More Button

I do, but there is no provision in Standing Orders for personal frustration.More Button

Tá an Seanadóir as ordú anois.More Button

We are moving away from what was intended by the remarks of the Leader of the House.More Button

I cannot allow the Senator to go down that road.More Button

I must remind the Senator——More Button

It may be relevent to another time and another place.More Button

Senator Fallon, without interruption.More Button

Environmental Protection Agency Bill 1990: Second Stage (Resumed).

Senator O'Toole, I have notice under Standing Order 29 from Senator Brendan Ryan regarding a motion he wishes to move under that Standing Order. I will just point out, which is the common and usual p...More Button

Request under Standing Order 29.

I have given careful consideration to the matter raised by Senator Ryan and I cannot consider it to be a matter contemplated by Standing Order 29 and I regret, therefore, that I have to rule it out of...More Button

Environmental Protection Agency Bill, 1990: Second Stage (Resumed).

Knock also.More Button

When is it proposed to sit again?More Button

Adjounment Matter. - Kerry Storm Damage.

I have notice from Senator Kiely that on the motion for the Adjournment of the House he wishes to deal with the need for the Minister for the Marine to make funds available for the repairs to the coas...More Button

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