Norris, David P.B.

Friday, 17 May 1991

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 128 No. 19

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If I may suggest it, I am quite happy to facilitate Senator Fallon with a couple of minutes of my time. I will only need five or six minutes but perhaps that is not appropriate.More Button

In deference to the fact that this Bill principally affects and is of interest to other Members who wish to have as much time as possible, I will speak very briefly. The Minister will be aware that mo...More Button

Local Government Bill, 1991: Committee Stage (Resumed) and Final Stages.

I, too, support the amendment. It is a reasonable amendment and will not tie up the Minister too greatly. I do not think the words “being a day or days not later than twelve months from the date of it...More Button

I do not think that is an appropriate comment from you, a Chathaoirligh——More Button

I was simply pointing out that there is a paradox between the sense of urgency on the one hand it is obvious that the Bill has to go through — and the fact that there is no time limit on the other han...More Button

On the surface at least the Minister made some reasonable points, in that this is a major reorganisation of local government and there may be a need for further discussion. That is a reasonable point ...More Button

I see the Minister is shaking his head. I have to accept what he says but I would have assumed that that would be the case. It would certainly pass into a kind of legislative limbo. There is no doubt ...More Button

I sympathise with the Minister's point of view that the operation of the House could be clogged if there was an enormous mass of regulations which require discussion and to be voted on. However, I hav...More Button

I strongly disagree with the Minister on this point. It is not, however, a flaw peculiar to the Minister. This phrase appears to be almost a kind of cliché of drafts, but I have already made this poin...More Button

I support amendment No. 18 which seeks to maximise the involvement of local communities in local affairs. In the interests of strengthening democracy, this is a very good thing. My amendment No. 19 wa...More Button

My amendment would have been better if, instead of “must” I used the word “shall”. It would be inconceiveable that a local authority would represent a community in a manner that they thought was inapp...More Button

Perhaps the Minister is confusing another amendment with my amendment which is not one I would press as I do not think it is justified, having heard the discussion. It is appropriate to change “may” t...More Button

RTE. It is indicative that that was the first——More Button

I would prefer to take the one the Minister chose.More Button

This Minister is a very good debater, he is very shrewd and he has the necessary skills to challenge and say something on the spur of the moment without producing an instance. In debate that is not al...More Button

I would like to make one observation. The Minister said previously that he would be interested in examples. I do not share the total enthusiasm of the Minister and most Senators on the operations of l...More Button

I understand it is intended to change the entire structure of these rezoning proposals so that there will be a requirement regarding a 75 per cent majority and that indicates some degree of concern. ...More Button

I would like to make this observation with regard to a point of drafting. I would be very happy to see the deletion of the phrase “as respects which those other authorities perform functions and” on a...More Button

I move amendment No. 23: In page 9, subsection (2), between lines 16 and 17, to insert the following new paragraph: “(d) enter into a partnership arrangement with voluntary sector community groups wit...More Button

There is absolutely no conflict between the recommendation of the expert advisory group to which the Minister just referred and my amendment. The amendment states that the local authorities “may” ente...More Button

The local authorities do have discretion. This is a discretionary power. The amendment would not force the local authorities to do this——More Button

——but it would enable and encourage them to do so and, psychologically, it would give status to voluntary bodies in certain circumstances.More Button

It would be a good idea to include this. I am not sure if this is possible under existing legislation, if the Minister can reassure me, fine but it would be a very healthy and positive thing and have ...More Button

May I point out that this seeks to give powers to local authorities; it is not giving power to the Minister. It is actually empowering and vitalising local authorities in my opinion. However, I do not...More Button

No, I think it would be a waste of time. Amendment, by leave withdrawn.More Button

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