Ryan, Brendan

Thursday, 30 May 1991

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 129 No. 6

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Order of Business.

I am the senior Member here this morning. I support Senator Manning. If the Leader can give me a reason why this Bill has to be rushed through today I will listen to it. Although he has his moments...More Button

Child Care Bill, 1988: Committee Stage.

Níl mé ag seasamh ach chun fáilte a chur roimh an Aire agus a rá go bhfuil a fhios agam go mbeidh díospóireacht réasúnta maith againn. Tá sé sásúil dúinne a fheiceáil go bhfuil cuid mhaith leasuithe ...More Button

I move amendment No. 2: In page 7, line 20, after “shall” to insert “as soon as possible”. This section is very welcome. I want to be totally non-confrontational about all these amendments. They are...More Button

That is precisely the point. The Bill quite rightly applies to every child under 18 years of age. It also applies to children as young as five or six. It is meaningless to have a requirement, howeve...More Button

Let me get the procedure sorted out. We are discussing amendments Nos. 2 to 7 together. I have so far heard from the Minister only on amendment No. 2. Does he propose to comment on the others or ho...More Button

Knowing the Minister, I am sure he was not going to remain silent on the other amendments. I want to talk a little more about this. If the problem is consistency throughout the legislation, then the...More Button

So long as we are not disposing of all of them at the one time, I am quite happy. It seems to me that the Minister has a valid point. Senator O'Donovan's learned exposé of the principles of interpre...More Button

I move amendment No. 5: In page 7, line 25, after “self” to insert “and is more than 16 years of age”.More Button

May I thank the Minister for accepting one of my amendments. I am happy to withdraw the other amendments for a variety of reasons. I agree with him about the proper care. I take his point fully tha...More Button

I move amendment No. 6: In page 7, line 28, after “available” to insert “suitable”. Amendment agreed to. Amendment No. 7 not moved.More Button

I only regret that our general housing legislation does not contain an obligation similar to that in the amendment to deal with homeless adults because I believe that the obligation however carefully ...More Button

I had better not make a habit of this but I want to thank the Minister for what he said. I am glad that there are provisions available but is he happy that the organisational arrangements are going t...More Button

I move amendment No. 8: In page 8, subsection (7) (c), line 34, before “when” to insert “either on its own initiative or”. Section 7 deals with the child care advisory committee and subsection (7) dea...More Button

I should like to thank the Minister. I think all my birthdays are coming together.More Button

I move amendment No. 9: In page 8, subsection (1), lines 41 and 42, after “prepared” to insert “and published”. The Minister, in a different incarnation, discussed with me freedom of information and f...More Button

Unless I am entirely wrong — which, of course, is remotely possible but not likely — in regard to the requirement that a health board will have a report prepared, that report will not be formally prep...More Button

I did not realise it was the word “publish”. I am not suggesting that health boards have to compete with Darton, Longman and Todd as publishers. I am simply saying that we should ensure that the repo...More Button

I move amendment No. 10: In page 9, subsection (2), between lines 6 and 7, to insert the following new paragraph: “(f) children who are homeless under the terms of section 5.”. This amendment has to ...More Button

I am quite happy to defer to the parliamentary draftsmen on the drafting of amendments. As a Department of Education inspector said to me one time, “The Department's view is... mind you, I have never...More Button

Senator Norris meets people I do not often meet. I am quite happy to withdraw the amendment on the assurance given by the Minister. Amendment, by leave, withdrawn. Section 8 agreed to. SECTION 9. Que...More Button

This is a very familiar section in terms of its phraseology. It says: A health board may, subject to any general directions given by the Minister and on such terms and conditions as it sees fit, make...More Button

This applies to a considerable part of Part III as well and we can discuss it on section 13 also. What steps are in train or what currently is available to provide training for the Garda in this diff...More Button

I know how dramatically improved the Garda training is, but I am concerned that, of necessity, a significant number of the Garda Síochána will not have had the opportunity to go through this sort of v...More Button

What about the Judiciary? I say this very tentatively because I am treading on dangerous constitutional ground now. District justices are only human beings, I am sure I am allowed to say that withou...More Button

I move amendment No. 12: In page 11, subsection (7) (a), between lines 40 and 41, to insert the following new subparagraph: “(iv) the educational needs of the child.” This amendment refers to subsect...More Button

I am overwhelmed by the Minister's logic and I withdraw the amendment. Amendment, by leave, withdrawn. Section 13, as amended, agreed to.More Button

Subsection (2) reads: For the purposes of this section, a person shall be deemed to have been informed of the placing of a child in the custody of a health board under section 13 if he is given or sho...More Button

I am not sure I am at one with my colleague, Senator Norris, on this. This is a slightly complicated area about which I am not too knowlegable. The point has been made to me that it would be preferab...More Button

This is not my usual position on these issues. The penalty for a person who fails to comply with the terms of a supervision order, by modern day standards is relatively mild. Subsection (5) states: ...More Button

Having received a reproof from the Minister earlier about the need for consistency in amendments I am glad to see that the Minister is following his own advice. Amendment agreed to. Government amendme...More Button

I would like to hear something on this amendment from the Minister. It is a strange provision. I have pencilled in perhaps offensively and unfairly on the side of my copy of the Bill: “a licence for...More Button

I appreciate the enthusiasm. This section genuinely bothers me and I am not talking about anyone's good or ill will. Under criminal law, for example, there is a guy walking the streets of Cork who wa...More Button

This is my last contribution. I am not going to oppose this provision. It has been discussed in considerable detail. I would have been much happier if it had been drafted in terms which referred to ...More Button

It is normal practice that if amendments are ruled out of order some communication is received by the Members. In the past when I have had amendments ruled out of order I received a communication fro...More Button

That is not much consolation——More Button

I am not going to fight about this, but it is not good enough that on the morning of a Bill, I stand up here in the middle of proceedings to be told by the Chair for the first time my amendments have...More Button

They were not mine.More Button

I have considerable respect for this House but I have never had such a list of amendments read out without a sheet of paper in front of me to tell me what we are doing. It is not good enough and it i...More Button

I do not understand what is going on, but it is not good enough. Government amendment No. 32: In page 17, subsection (1), lines 1 and 2, to delete “Part IV or section 41, 44 or 45” and substitute “Par...More Button

Nobody is arguing with the amendments. I am disappointed however as our normal way of dealing with things in this House seems to have fallen apart this morning. Amendment agreed to. Amendment No. 33 ...More Button

Health (Amendment) Bill, 1991: Second Stage.

The only way to describe this Bill — since it attempts to go in the direction in which I would like the medical services to go, but does not go half far enough, and I cannot oppose it — is that it is ...More Button

Health (Amendment) Bill, 1991: Committee and Final Stages.

This is a worthwhile amendment but I cannot understand how it does not impose a potential charge on the Revenue but, presumably, things sometimes get past the vigilant eye of the Cathaoirleach that mi...More Button

There has always been a problem about health contributions from those not in the PAYE sector. Many of the health boards have a problem with the health levy supposed to be due from the farming communi...More Button

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