Costello, Joe

Wednesday, 27 November 1991

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 130 No. 11

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I have called virtually every second week for a debate on Northern Ireland. The response we have invariably got on that issue has been that there have been talks for the past 18 months at least and th...More Button

Not before it was negotiated. We were allowed to debate it subsequently and now that it is going to be renegotiated perhaps we will eventually be allowed to debate it subsequently as well. Is that the...More Button

I am referring to the corpus of legislation we have got. It is really a corpse. There are two miserable pieces of legislation——More Button

I am being descriptive about what we have had before the House. I am asking the Leader of the House to go to the Ministers in the Dáil. I know they are queueing up, jostling each other, to get legisla...More Button

Liability for Defective Products Bill, 1991: Committee Stage (Resumed).

Will Larry get his money back?More Button

Section 1 is important because it gives the various definitions under which this legislation operates. Essentially the points that have been made so far on this side of the House have recommended bro...More Button

I have completed my point.More Button

It was not so much the tribunal I was referring to as processing in our beef industry. I was giving an example of processing. The question I would like to ask is how do we protect the initial product,...More Button

The Minister has already said that the Iranian market has been opened up again and I am delighted to hear that. It is relevant to what I am saying. We are talking about the quality of the product.More Button

I refer to the definition at lines 28 to 30 of “initial processing”; at lines 6 to 10 of “primary agricultural product”; and at lines 10 to 13 of product. “Product” means all movables with the excepti...More Button

I am addressing the definition and expanding on how we should have leeway in relation to that exemption given for primary agricultural products. I am explaining this because it is important to have hi...More Button

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