Burton, Joan

Wednesday, 15 December 1993

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 138 No. 14

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Social Welfare (No. 2) Bill, 1993: Second Stage.

There are over 2,000 people engaged in share fishing. This Bill will enable them to opt for social insurance protection for themselves and their families during periods of illness and unemployment and...More Button

The contributions they have made stand.More Button

No.More Button

It is not true.More Button

Social Welfare (No.2) Bill, 1993: Second Stage (Resumed.)

I thank all Senators for their warm welcome. Senator McGennis and myself are in two new positions today, having swopped our former relationship — which was stormy at times — in Dublin County Council....More Button

I will refer to a number of points mentioned by Members. Senator Fitzgerald answered some of the points made by Senator Cregan in relation to share fishermen. This scheme will cover share fishermen ...More Button

That is correct. It is a separate section dealing with specific industries, where, according to the Department of Social Welfare, there have been problems with employers fully registering employees f...More Button

Social Welfare (No. 2) Bill, 1993: Committee and Final Stages.

Provided one makes a minimum payment one is covered for treatment benefits.More Button

The minimum contribution is £250. This was the subject of the amendment in the Dáil and share fishermen are now covered for treatment benefits.More Button

No.More Button

The situation in relation to the share fishermen was that these people were previously treated as employees and, therefore, had the full range of social welfare benefits, including treatment benefits ...More Button

I will remind the Senator that in the case of self-employed persons, the contribution is 5 per cent. In the case of employees, the employee contribution is 5.5 per cent while the employer contributio...More Button

In relation to the 13 week benefit, this is a special scheme. This was the agreement we came to following discussions with fishermen's organisations. If the Senator is suggesting that this scheme sho...More Button

That is correct.More Button

May.More Button

We were trying to legislate for a complex matter, where there are a series of different personal situtations, but where general representations were made by specific groups of fishermen. We have tried...More Button

Generally a person moves from unemployment assistance to disability benefit. As regards the case the Senator outlined, if I get the full details, I will look closely at them. At this time I cannot g...More Button

This is a standard section and relates to contributions which have been paid in error. It is giving the Department the power to refund those contributions. It is a standard section which applies acr...More Button

Yes.More Button

No.More Button

As I said, this is a standard regulation.More Button

If the contributions were paid correctly to the Department, then obviously they stand. If, in the future, contributions are paid in error by share fishermen, there is provision in this section for th...More Button

This is to cover the fact that this is a scheme for a diverse set of people who may be operating in a number of separate areas. It is effectively a parliamentary draftsman's legal device to cover all...More Button

A fisherman who reaches 66 years of age in a contributing year may continue to pay contributions although he is no longer required to do so. This is a typical example of the type of error which may b...More Button

This is a complex area because of the introduction of social welfare entitlements for part-time workers. We are trying to cover share fishermen in an appropriate way, bearing in mind there are other r...More Button

If they are repairing the boat, they are engaging in routine work.More Button

For the benefit of Senators, this condition is not a new one and Senator Fitzgerald is probably aware of this. It was introduced in 1964 when share fishermen first became insured as employees and ent...More Button

There are two different situations, as Senator Fitzgerald explained. One is where there is routine maintenance — which is part of the work of the boat accounted for in part of the boat's costs — and ...More Button

I appreciate Senator Cregan's concern, particularly in relation to small employers. I ask him to be aware of the fact that over the period of the National Development Plan very substantial sums of mo...More Button

——including Irish money, will be spent in a way in which those people who are employed should pay full social welfare contributions, for two reasons: first, that they make their proper contribution an...More Button

Unfortunately, there has been a degree of fraud and abuse in the construction industry, about which Senators spoke which we must stamp out because it has substantial implications for competition and i...More Button

That has been a long standing arrangement with Dublin Corporation for 15 or more years, because it is the largest local authority in the country. It is only for the calculation of differential rent, n...More Button

I thank all the Senators for their contributions. I learn an enormous amount from public representatives, such as Senator Cregan, who have a detailed knowledge of the social welfare system acquired t...More Button

Many of us learn about the social welfare system through the problems we encounter. In other words, we do not think about the hundreds of thousands of people who go through the system with ease, as ...More Button

Fisher folk is an ideal term which I will bring, in due course, to the attention of the Minister for Equality and Law Reform. In relation to the returned development workers, it is important that thei...More Button

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