Quinn, Fergal

Thursday, 4 July 1996

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 148 No. 9

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Transport (Dublin Light Rail) (No. 2) Bill, 1996: Committee Stage.

I move amendment No. 10: In page 5, lines 38 to 40, to delete subsection (3).More Button

This is really only switching money from one pocket to another. CIE costs more than £100 million per year, yet we want it to pay a fee to a Department. It is just taking money from one pocket and pu...More Button

The amendment arises from my suspicion that CIE is acting as an agent for the Government with regard to the light rail system. We cannot differentiate between them in that context. I understand the ...More Button

When making a management decision one does a cost benefit analysis. You see the cost and you see the benefit. This is amendment is important because it ensures that in taking the cost into account, ...More Button

I move amendment No. 15:More Button

I would prefer to wait for the Minister of State's response to amendment No. 15.More Button

I thank the Minister of State for accepting amendment No. 15. She has, in effect, also accepted the other two amendments by changing the wording from three weeks to four weeks. In light of that, I am...More Button

I thought we were discussing them together. I am happy that amendment No. 15 has been accepted. Amendment agreed to.More Button

I move amendment No. 16: In page 7, between lines 20 and 21, to insert the following new paragraph: “(b) publish in its entirety on the World Wide Web for a period of six months the information specif...More Button

I thank the Leader of the House and the Minister of State. My intention was to draw attention to the foot dragging of the Department, especially because it is the Department of Transport, Energy and ...More Button

I move amendment No. 18: In page 7, subparagraph (iv), to delete from “be” in line 39 down to and including “extract” in line 41, and substitute “acquired free of charge by any member of the public on...More Button

The purpose of the amendments was to overcome the crisis which has occurred in terms of people feeling there has been insufficient consultation. They are an effort to ensure the process was open to th...More Button

I move amendment No. 28: In page 9, between lines 13 and 14, to insert the following new paragraph: “(b) the terms of reference of the inquiry specified in paragraph (a) shall be as follows:— (i) to c...More Button

I have listened very carefully to the Minister. Two aspects of my amendment have not been included in the Minister's amendment. Let me touch on amendment No. 28 (b) (iii), which states “to give in ...More Button

We have heard over the past year that the underground is not being given the priority that people such as those who favour the unified proposal and others believe it should be given. When we pushed t...More Button

I am not convinced, but the Minister has gone a long way and on that basis I will accept her point. Amendment No. 39 is written in different language from mine, but it seems to go a long way towards m...More Button

I move amendment No. 34: In page 9, subsection (1) (c), line 23, to delete “as soon as may be” and substitute “immediately”. As amendment No. 35 is a Government amendment, there is no need to push ame...More Button

Transport (Dublin Light Rail) (No. 2) Bill, 1996: Report and Final Stages.

I congratulate the Minister on having this Bill passed. She did so with skill and a great deal of consideration. This is only enabling legislation that will start the work which will give Dublin a be...More Button

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