Fitzgerald, Tom

Thursday, 8 May 1997

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 151 No. 9

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Order of Business.

The Order of Business is agreed. I discussed the additional item with our spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, Senator Lanigan, and he is happy with the Leader's decision. The Leader indicated that we wi...More Button

I previously raised the issue of reports reaching the newspapers before reaching Senators. I know this is not the Leader's fault. Last night I mentioned to Deputy Gilmore a newspaper article entitled...More Button

Finance Bill, 1997 [ Certified Money Bill ]: Committee Stage.

The Senator never said that. The Chair would want to cool down.More Button

The Chair must also obey rules.More Button

Local Government (Financial Provisions) Bill, 1997: Second Stage.

The Minister made a very good election speech. I congratulate him on it.More Button

At the outset he spoke about everything except water. It is only fair for him to be given that opportunity, but I would argue that when he came into Government the country's finances were in pretty g...More Button

I am not biased, but the Minister should graciously acknowledge that the finances were in pretty good condition.More Button

Nothing is free because somebody is always paying, no matter what it is. With regard to water charges, we pay for them in our taxes. I will be supporting the Bill on behalf of my party so it will re...More Button

Senator Hayes rightly said that many of these measures were introduced in the past by parties trying to better each other before the electorate. This is a similar case. It is about an election. We ...More Button

——and they will say “That is the man who gave us free water. Only for him we would be paying for it”. Many people who live on the Dingle peninsula, County Kerry, operate bed and breakfasts and my wif...More Button

The Minister said that local authorities should retain 80 per cent of motor tax income on cars and motorcycles. Does that include tractors, lorries, etc.?More Button

I wanted to ask a few questions and I got them off my chest. I hope the Minister will answer a few of them. I suppose the Bill makes a start. I can see problems with the measure down the line, but ...More Button

Do not spoil it.More Button

The season lasts for only half of the year. Will that be taken into account?More Button

Local Government (Financial Provisions) Bill, 1997: Committee and Final Stages.

A huge number of people do not pay car tax. I do not know the figure, but I can never understand why there is no local authority system to inform the Garda that such a person has not paid their tax. ...More Button

Surely every car is on a computer system. Why can local authorities not send out a letter to everyone and if there is no response it is clear they have not paid their tax? We are told that up to 10 p...More Button

Chemical Weapons Bill, 1997: Second Stage.

On reading the first page of the Minister's speech, I was reminded of the First World War. My mother's brother, Patrick O'Brien, was gassed in France during that war. My other uncle was also in the w...More Button

Chemical Weapons Bill, 1997: Committee and Final Stages.

It will cause a headache. If we cast our minds back to 25 years ago when the bombing started in Northern Ireland, it was weed killer, imported by all of us, that made the most lethal bomb. It was a ...More Button

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