Woods, Michael J.

Wednesday, 22 October 1997

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 152 No. 6

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Merchant Shipping (Commissioners of Irish Lights) Bill, 1997: Committee Stage.

I note that Senators have concerns about the interpretation which may be put on these definitions. They are concerned that the navigation systems would be used solely for civilian purposes. I wish t...More Button

On the Senator's last point, that convention was signed in 1979. Inserting the type of provisions under discussion into our national law would run contrary to this international principle. The amendm...More Button

There was only one problem with which is the one we are dealing. The Commissioners of Irish Lights are subject to the policy control and superintendence of the Department of the Marine and Natural Re...More Button

If people in submarines are drowning, we will rescue them as we would anybody else.More Button

We cannot stop that. Senator Gallagher spoke of being from the midlands—More Button

—and consequently being reluctant to speak on this matter. We have heard of the brilliance of a lighthouse in the bog, which is what the Senator reminded me of. However, he is obviously concerned by...More Button

This has nothing to do with our neutrality and the Senator knows that. The Bill was prepared by the Opposition when in Government and now is before the House. Senators Ryan and Taylor-Quinn are rais...More Button

That is a red herring. The GPS system was designed to assist the US naval and air forces in worldwide navigation. Are the Senators suggesting that the Commissioners of Irish Lights should do away wi...More Button

I tried to reply to what the Senator said earlier but he had left the House.More Button

The best of luck. It is not an easy place to shine.More Button

Senators know the situation. If I were to accept this amendment it would create difficulties for search and rescue, and in interpretation as this is the definition side of the Bill. I cannot accept ...More Button

That is very nice of Senator Ryan. Since the new title is the “Marine and Natural Resources” the amendment is correct technically and in every other way and I am happy to accept it. Amendment agreed t...More Button

These amendments provide that the powers conferred on the commissioners to develop and operate radio and navigation systems shall not apply to the Loran C system until such date as the Minister for th...More Button

Senator Taylor-Quinn considers that amendment No. 5 would be useful. I have indicated why I am unable to support it. The amendment states: “‘of similar style and scale to those in current use’”. Lo...More Button

The amendment is broadly restrictive and extends beyond the Loran C system. It could have serious implications in that it would serve to prevent the Commissioners of Irish Lights from providing futur...More Button

I am not making fun of the Senator, rather the idea of it.More Button

During my 21 years in the Lower House I have bought the occasional item at Christmas but I was always aware of what was before the House. Senator Taylor-Quinn suggested the Government could slip Bill...More Button

The Minister or the spokesperson must outline what is happening.More Button

There is no way an item can slip through. After Members receive notice of what is due to be discussed, the House also publishes a schedule of items to be taken each day. The Order Papers are availab...More Button

However, the amendment had not been tabled at that time. It arose from subsequent discussions. I did not wish to labour the point but Senator Tom Fitzgerald asked me to elaborate on my comments on Se...More Button

If I did what the previous Government did and came before the House without such an amendment, I would appreciate what the Senator said. However, it does not make sense given the amendment before the...More Button

I do not see the need for a formal tribunal at this stage. The Senator spoke about the constitutional role of the Oireachtas but what about the constitutional role of the Minister? I am the Minister...More Button

It does not state that. Apart from problems it would otherwise cause, the wording would be taken to mean in general current use anywhere in the area of navigation.More Button

No, because I do not want to impose such a restriction on the Commissioners of Irish Lights, nor do I see any reason to do so. If there are problems or issues in future, they can be referred to the Mi...More Button

The provisions of section 3 (3) of the Bill are standard technical drafting measures to take account of situations where retroactive legislation is introduced to remedy deficiencies in powers which ha...More Button

As Senator Ryan said, this amendment was discussed at some length earlier. I assure the Senator that the Commissioners of Irish Lights have no function or interest in providing any navigation system ...More Button

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