Connor, John

Wednesday, 5 May 1999

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 159 No. 5

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Sheedy Case: Statements (Resumed).

That was most injudicious of them.More Button

They were injudicious to tell the Senator. I am sure it was judicious of them to vote for him.More Button

He only speaks to suit himself.More Button

The Senator cannot be proud of her Chief Whip's contribution on the radio.More Button

It became worse.More Button

I am a spokesperson. I thought I would have 15 minutes.More Button

This morning the Leader stated that there would be 15 minutes allowed for spokespersons. He said that there was one spokesperson to speak and I felt that he was referring to me.More Button

I do not wish to waste time.More Button

By any standard, this Sheedy case is extraordinary. It is the greatest judicial earthquake we have ever seen in this country and of course it is also causing a political earthquake. We do not know whe...More Button

We will come to the Taoiseach in a moment. In relation to former Mr. Justice Kelly, about whom he was rightly much more harsh, the Chief Justice stated: I conclude moreover that, having entered on the...More Button

That is the position.More Button

I cannot but comment in this way. There is the reported involvement in the case of Deputy Brian Lenihan who provided a character reference for Mr. Sheedy. We have heard of the involvement of the forme...More Button

As an elected Member of the House, I have a duty to raise the issues which are being raised with me by the public. The Acting Chairman also has that responsibility. I am entitled to raise these issues...More Button

I have already had a disagreement with the Acting Chairman; I maintain I should have had 15 minutes. This case has caused a national outcry and is of great concern. It behoves the Members on the Gover...More Button

I expected that reply.More Button

What will be done about the Taoiseach?More Button

Refugee Act, 1996: Motion.

I welcome the Minister of State to the House but I regret the absence of the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform. I also regret the Minister's undignified departure from the House at the end...More Button

It was not half severe enough.More Button

It was passed by both Houses but, because of negligence, it has not been implemented.More Button

What does abandoned mean?More Button

Crisis?More Button

Senator Henry should not do that.More Button

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