Mooney, Paschal Canice

Thursday, 12 October 2000

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 164 No. 2

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There has been much comment this morning about the state of the building. I appreciate the Office of Public Works has been strenuously trying to achieve its deadline. However, will you, a Chathaoirlig...More Button

On a point of clarification, a Chathaoirligh, did I hear correctly that the time limit for spokespersons is 30 minutes?More Button

Government Policies: Statements.

I am pleased the Minister of State at the Department relevant to this debate is present. The rotating Ministers of State syndrome that sometimes happens in this House is frustrating. It is out of our ...More Button

I am aware that given their commitments, Ministers are perhaps prevented from acceding to all our requests. It is a minor irritation in the House. Therefore, I am particularly pleased the Minister of ...More Button

It is a compliment in the sense that—More Button

—-her initial contribution reflected the view which would be widespread among those who bat for Ireland. The history of Ireland's participation in the European Parliament, despite its political divisi...More Button

It was clear and unambiguous.More Button

I wanted to link it to what seemed to me to be political point scoring by Senator Doyle and her colleagues regarding the Fianna Fáil position in the recent vote in the European Parliament. I found thi...More Button

It must be a very serious debate.More Button

I am glad Senator Doyle has set the tone of that, but I am not sure that in taking public positions, as they were reported in the national media, relating to those reports, she is sending a pro-Europe...More Button

The inference seemed to be that the status quo would be changed.More Button

Co-decision would threaten Irish interests in the current situation under CAP reform but that is a view which we could debate.More Button

I respect Senator Doyle's expertise. She was there, I was not and I am relying on media reports. The conclusive message which was conveyed to Ireland was that Senator Doyle and her colleagues were on ...More Button

The point is that Fianna Fáil's track record has proven that we have been in the vanguard of developing a Europe-wide philosophy and have been involved centrally in the enlargement process and in the ...More Button

I remember vividly on the debate on Maastricht in 1992, when the Green Party came out and told the people of Ireland that by 1998 there would be Irish men and women in a European army and that there w...More Button

I welcome the Minister of State, Deputy Treacy, back to the House. I hope the Government maintains an expansionist approach to taxation in the budget. I am fed up listening to prophets of doom stating...More Button

Where was Senator Ross this morning?More Button

Where was the Senator this morning? If he wants to go down that road he should say where he was this morning.More Button

I am trying to distract the Senator.More Button

I was trying my best.More Button

The Senator's point is well made.More Button

It was a breakdown in communications.More Button

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