Ryan, Brendan

Wednesday, 11 June 2003

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 173 No. 8

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Order of Business.

The contribution of the trade union movement to the shift in Irish politics to the right over the last ten years deserves to be scrutinised in great detail.More Button

Given that the Senator sits in the back row behind me, this is the pot calling the kettle black.More Button

The left is very safely in the hands of the Labour Party. I appreciate Senator O'Toole's ministrations—More Button

I fully support the call for a debate on the banking system. I was astonished to hear about the high level of prices in Ireland on a radio programme as I was driving to Dublin this morning. The chairm...More Button

With free membership it is easy to get extra members.More Button

I would like a debate on immigration because I want to hear the views of Fine Gael on the fact that a recognised racist is joining the party in Cork.More Button

I have no idea what Fine Gael is doing recruiting people who have besmirched themselves in this way. I ask for a debate on the issue of race and immigration.More Button

They had social democratic governments for most of the last 60 years.More Button

Humanitarian Issues in Post-War Iraq: Statements.

We are a wealthy country.More Button

Humanitarian Issues in Post-War Iraq: Statements (Resumed).

Rubbish. Things are worse now than they were six months ago. This is absolute rubbish.More Button

The Senator is talking absolute rubbish.More Button

I was opposing—More Button

I wish to share time with Senator Tuffy.More Button

The idea of an Irish ambassador returning to Baghdad at present is among the more bizarre suggestions I have ever heard. To whom would an Irish Ambassador present his credentials? Would he genuflect b...More Button

Senator Minihan said he supported the return of the Irish Ambassador to Baghdad. An ambassador has to present his credentials to somebody. To whom would the returning ambassador present his credential...More Button

Let us move on. Reference has been made to the vast sums of money the EU is supposed to have allocated. It has spent €285 million, but it allocated €700 million. Let us place this in context: to date,...More Button

That is true about any situation. There has never been a situation which could not have been worse. Therefore, to say it is not as bad as it could be is simply to say it could be worse. Of course, it ...More Button

Dublin Traffic Congestion: Motion.

The wrong people are making the plans.More Button

I have a habit of taking exception to the metropolitan focus of what is meant to be a national House of the Oireachtas. It is not only in Dublin but in every city in Ireland that severe social and eco...More Button

There were 55,000 jobs created in 1997 before the present Government took office.More Button

Let me remind the House that we had sorted out the mess that the Government party had created in 1977by the time it took over in 1987. Members on the other side should not get too carried away.More Button

The issue is one of funding needed in Dublin and the rest of the country. In the national development plan the figure for investment in public transport in Limerick, Cork and Waterford was £50 million...More Button

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