Mansergh, Dr Martin

Wednesday, 11 February 2004

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 175 No. 9

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Order of Business.

Question put: “That the Order of Business be agreed to.”
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Immigration Bill 2004 [Seanad Bill amended by the Dáil]: Report and Final Stages.

Question put.
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Immigration Bill 2004: Motion for Earlier Signature.

Question put.
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Electronic Voting: Statements.

I would like to share one minute with Senator Ross.More Button

This is a major and important step, and of course it should be critically analysed and discussed, but I regret the partisan approach being taken by the Opposition parties. It seems that the objective ...More Button

All of us have gone through an election. Would any one of us have had a chance to manipulate the officials who conducted our count to get the result that we wanted? That sort of accusation is unworthy...More Button

You are doing your best to try to undermine confidence.More Button

Yes. The Minister answered the point and said that, in an election petition, the system can print a ballot paper with each vote cast and mix them, thus enabling a manual count to be conducted. That se...More Button

Regional Development: Motion.

I move: That Seanad Éireann—— —recognises that each and every region must have, and must be encouraged to have, a role in sustaining our national prosperity and progress and believes that balanced reg...More Button

The decentralisation programme, announced in December's budget, was tremendously welcome in towns across Ireland. It gave a great morale boost in my home town of Tipperary. I have never seen the peopl...More Button

Senator Higgins may have a different view on that. Deputy Rabbitte rubbished decentralisation.More Button

The Senator was not here when I outlined what Deputy Rabbitte said. I will, therefore, repeat it. He said it was a daft idea which would not work and that it would be immensely expensive.More Button

I was disappointed that he rubbished it. People will want to know what the attitude of an alternative Government is to decentralisation. Is it the rubbishing attitude of Deputy Rabbitte?More Button

What is the attitude of the Fine Gael Party to Deputy Rabbitte? I heard someone say it was the worst interview he had given since he became party leader. We must remember that Fine Gael and Labour hav...More Button

They cancelled it in 1981 and 1982. The only party which has implemented a decentralisation programme is Fianna Fáil. The Labour Party has to prove its ——More Button

There is a big question mark because the people will want to know the Labour Party's intentions. Was Deputy Rabbitte's statement serious or was it electioneering? The Labour Party must clarify its att...More Button

Is the Senator not excitable himself?More Button

Hear, hear.More Button

There is the IFSC.More Button

No, 200 staff members are going to Tipperary.More Button

Rubbish.More Button

Is that what multi-annual budgets are about?More Button

What about the Central Statistics Office in Cork?More Button

The Senator certainly did not persuade them.More Button

They will probably come from other regional headquarters.More Button

The Senator should study it more closely.More Button

And in other towns.More Button

I do not believe it.More Button

I believe it is the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform.More Button

I welcome the positive note on which this debate is ending. I believe that practically all the Opposition Senators are in favour of the principle and want to see the practice of decentralisation. Sena...More Button

I hope that she and Senator McCarthy will influence him to take a more positive approach.More Button

Those of us who believe in decentralisation want to see it happen and carried through regardless of changes in Government in the future. We must redistribute growth and wealth in this country. The lat...More Button

The pressures on Dublin are becoming intolerable and we must do something about the lopsided growth. The point was made that we were not paying enough attention to regional distribution. We have done ...More Button

——by Senator MacSharry's father as a cost-cutting measure. In other words, it would reduce the cost of running the public service rather than increasing it so I would not be overly worried about that ...More Button

Senator Ulick Burke mentioned that there was no planning or consultation. There were hundreds of submissions from almost every town in Ireland and if that is not consultation——More Button

The Minister said he received 680 proposals. That is plenty of consultation. People are only too eager to be consulted. In social partnership terms, the principle of decentralisation has been broadly ...More Button

The problem is the same as that which came up in the debate about electronic voting earlier: people are afraid of change. They are rather conservative. This is one of the most radical measures underta...More Button

Amendment put.
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Civil Registration Bill 2003: Second Stage (Resumed).

I welcome the Bill, which is important and enlightened legislation. In the future it will certainly help ordinary citizens who will no longer have to seek out, for certain bureaucratic purposes, birth...More Button

Did the Senator say the 12th century?More Button

Also, whether to include the parents.More Button

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