Parlon, Tom

Wednesday, 23 March 2005

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 179 No. 18

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Finance Bill 2005 [Certified Money Bill]: Committee and Remaining Stages.

This recommendation proposes to insert a new section into the Bill. The purpose of the new section is to provide that tax reliefs will lapse automatically five years after being enacted unless they ar...More Button

I highlighted that for the year 2001——More Button

That is reviewed by the Department of Finance and the Government in advance of each budget. Steps have been taken to strengthen the system of costing tax reliefs and to improve the information availab...More Button

This recommendation relates to section 473 of the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997, which grants relief for rent paid by individuals in private rented accommodation. At present, the level of rent qualifyi...More Button

The estimated cost of Senator Phelan’s recommendation is €21.6 million.More Button

That is in addition to the €5.2 million for the changes already in the Bill. An identical amendment was discussed in the Dáil. In the course of the debate, Deputy Bruton indicated that the purpose of ...More Button

Section 7 provides for a change in the method used to calculate the value of the use of land for benefit-in-kind purposes. At present, the value of the benefit in kind is determined as being 5% of the...More Button

The amendment inserts a new definition in subsection 1 to provide that, for the purposes of benefit-in-kind charges, premises includes lands. The taxable value of lands will be calculated in the same ...More Button

There is an enormous amount of detail in the Bill, which is why there are so many officials from the Department of Finance and the Revenue Commissioners in the House today. The conditions for exemptio...More Button

This section refers to the provision of security services. If someone feels that his or her personal security is at risk from subversives or criminals because of the sensitivity of his or her job, the...More Button

Yes. Until now the provision of special home security to an employee, connected with his or her job, would have been chargeable.More Button

I agree with the speakers on the significance of the problem. The recommendation is essentially a system of tax allowances at the standard rate of income tax for those paying for child care services. ...More Button

The Senator will not have to hold it too long because there will be a major announcement next Tuesday when there will be the first official sod-turning in Sligo for the Department of Social and Family...More Button

What about the 279% increase in child benefit?More Button

As Senator Mansergh said, €1.9 billion is a very substantial contribution to child care costs. A combination of issues puts extra pressure on the area. There is practically full employment in this cou...More Button

I am surprised to hear that and do not believe that can be the case.More Button

The Senator should name the group because there is no point throwing a comment. The criteria are very strict. It is the responsibility of the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Deputy McDo...More Button

If I understand the Senator’s recommendation correctly, he is proposing that the Minister for Finance take power to make regulations to provide that where payments made to State and other bodies quali...More Button

The Mullingar accord again.More Button

This recommendation seeks to amend the provision of a new section being inserted in the Taxes Consolidation Act which imposes a statutory obligation on an individual wishing to claim a tax relief for ...More Button

I am quite familiar with the biofuel business and with a particular project in the south east, which is the Senator’s area. The responsibility for the promotion of biofuels falls within the remit of t...More Button

I am aware Ireland is not unique in this regard. Every other country which has adopted the biofuels scheme and which is foregoing excise duty has been required to obtain approval from the EU Commissio...More Button

The recommendation proposes a change to the definition of “qualifying hospital” in the tax Acts so as to introduce a new scheme of capital allowances for psychiatric hospitals based on the existing sc...More Button

The review will be out before the next budget. There will be ongoing announcements several weeks prior to that.More Button

I am sure it will leak its way out before the budget. The Senators may know about it before even I do.More Button

Some 167 properties are covered by the scheme. However, I do not know if it has been updated. I will seek to make the booklet available to Senator Mansergh and he will be able to make a judgment on it...More Button

However, it is significant.More Button

The Senator spoke about the State putting its hand in people’s pockets. It amounts to the same thing.More Button

Senator Mansergh inquired about the updated booklet. I have been provided with it and it pertains to 2004. Having opened it at random, I notice that a certain establishment, namely, Doheny and Nesbitt...More Button

It might be of interest to the House to note the visiting times.More Button

It is open all year except on Christmas Day, St. Stephen’s Day and Good Friday.More Button

What is the booklet?More Button

It is free to enter. I will make the booklet available to the Senator.More Button

It might have been referred to before the Cathaoirleach entered. It lists the houses of significant interest that qualify for a tax exemption if their owners allow them to be visited by the public.More Button

On the recommendation, I notice the concern that the Mullingar accord is clearly being challenged on this issue.More Button

I happen to be familiar with the deal agreed between landowners and the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government because I was party to it. The deal involves the valuation of the la...More Button

Such judgments are made by the Minister for Finance in each budget and I assume he will make such a judgment in the next budget. The last budget was unique in that it contained no excise duty increase...More Button

It is a recognition of the significantly lower levels of pollutants emitted by hybrid vehicles that this exemption is being extended. The exemption relates to continuously changing technology and is b...More Button

The only attraction hybrid cars have is that their owners can qualify for the 50% reduction in excise duty. I do not think these vehicles will ever gain a foothold in the Irish market.More Button

Businesses have supported Government policies over the past few years because it has reduced taxes and taken a pro-business line. It is as easy for the Minister for Finance to extend the relief after ...More Button

Senator John Paul Phelan’s recommendation would provide that the VAT registration threshold for traders in services would increase from €25,500 to €75,000. The Senator will appreciate that EU VAT law,...More Button

This recommendation is opposed. It refers to section 113, which deals with the Sixth Schedule of the Value-Added Tax Act 1972. This schedule lists goods and services that are liable at the reduced rat...More Button

No.More Button

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