Ryan, Brendan

Wednesday, 7 December 2005

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 182 No. 17

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I have never seen a Government plan begin to fall apart so quickly as Transport 21. This morning, as I was boarding the train in Cork, I was presented with a copy of Irish Rail’s new timetable for the...More Button

They are not in the new timetable. There is no sign of them.More Button

WTO Negotiations: Statements.

I welcome the Minister to the House. Is breá an láé i gcónaí nuair a bhíonn sí inár dteannta. The Minister is correct about the Commission and the unfortunate representative negotiating on our behalf....More Button

I am glad to hear it. The Commissioner makes me nervous. The core of a proper free trade world is a fair trade world. Despite what people say, I believe strongly there is a considerable amount of evid...More Button

Budget Statement 2005: Motion.

The Senator is 200 years out of date.More Button

I would like to share my time with Senator O’Meara.More Button

At a time of such prosperity, it would be impossible for even the most incompetent Government to introduce a budget without something that we would all welcome. I welcome the aspects of the budget tha...More Button

The average growth rate under Charlie McCreevy was lower than the average——More Button

For a Government that is interested in multi-annual budgeting, it is extraordinary that it does not like multi-annual comparisons.More Button

Over the coming days we will be presented with multi-annual figures for various expenditures of a capital nature which people will try to pretend all relate to this year. In fact, many of them have to...More Button

I welcome a number of measures in the budget, particularly the recognition that the rich were paying no taxes. Until recently the Government’s position was “let them at it, let them rip” but after a f...More Button

——and now that the buddies have got rich and are spending their money outside the country, there is not much point in continuing them? One wonders about the strategy in the same way that one wonders a...More Button

Senator Mansergh is upsetting me. The Government has done what it accused the rest of us of doing. It has picked on the middle income earners and made them the major source of revenue in the same way ...More Button

The greatest act of fiction I have read in a long time is the Minister of State’s remarks on decentralisation, which is not happening. It is astonishing that there is no longer any mention of waiting ...More Button

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