Mooney, Paschal Canice

Thursday, 16 February 2006

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 182 No. 80

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I know Senator Norris’s question is directed at the Leader and I am sure she will reply. I am spokesperson on foreign affairs and have a particular interest in this area. Ongoing investigations into r...More Button

——from Condoleezza Rice was that nothing illegal was going on.More Button

In the context of the relations between Ireland and America, where the head or representative of a friendly nation makes such a definitive statement, which was subsequently made to the Heads of Europe...More Button

If Senator Norris wishes to have a side-swipe at the good relations——More Button

——between Ireland and America, if he wishes to deprive the people of the Shannon area of jobs,——More Button

——if he is prepared to put away the jobs and the interests of those in the Shannon area by having a go at the Government and by his constant anti-American stream——More Button

If he wants to do that, I will not stand over it.More Button

I ask for the protection of the Chair.More Button

I have been interrupted continuously by Senator Norris——More Button

——and I did not interrupt him.More Button

I would be happy to resume my seat if the Cathaoirleach will just take on board the fact that we listened to a Second Stage speech from Senator Norris, who took a swipe at the Government.More Button

I want to put in context——More Button

I am aware of that but at least I should be allowed the right to reply.More Button

Fair is fair. On a point of order——More Button

I appreciate the Cathaoirleach’s difficult job and also the point he made yesterday.More Button

With all respect to the Clerk, I would like to direct my remarks to you, a Chathaoirligh.More Button

Nothing should be inferred from it; I was directing my remarks at you in the Chair. All I am doing is repeating the point the Cathaoirleach made yesterday, regarding the latitude given to the leaders.More Button

In fairness, the Cathaoirleach was giving latitude to the leaders. I appreciate and fully accept that.More Button

All I was attempting to do was to obtain an opportunity to outline my own point of view. That was all, nothing more.More Button

The Senator should give Senator Dooley a chance to speak instead of trying to shout him down.More Button

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