Kiely, Rory

Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 184 No. 14

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Business of Seanad.

I have received notice from Senator O’Brien that, on the motion for the Adjournment of the House today, he proposes to raise the following matter: The need for the Minister for Health and Children to ...More Button

Order of Business.

There are procedures for these proceedings.More Button

We are not debating——More Button

Has the Senator a question on the Order of Business?More Button

What relevance has this to the Order of Business?More Button

I am aware of that, but is it relevant?More Button

That is not on today’s Order of Business.More Button

What is the Senator’s question?More Button

The Senator’s point is adequately made.More Button

We cannot discuss that now.More Button

I would usually call on an Independent speaker at this stage, but I call Senator Finucane as he is Leader of the Opposition today.More Button

I call Senator Henry.More Button

Every one understands it was an error.More Button

Does the Senator have a question?More Button

The Ryder Cup does not arise on the Order of Business.More Button

This is a legislative assembly and we do not legislate for golf or any other sport.More Button

We are not discussing the tribunal.More Button

It is not the Senator’s job to respond.More Button

Does the Senator have a question for the Leader?More Button

I call on the Senator to ask his questions.More Button

That does not arise on the Order of Business. I call on the Leader to reply.More Button

Telecommunications Services: Motion.

Yes. I am sure the Senator will find 12 minutes adequate.More Button

The Senator has one minute remaining, in which it would be advisable to second the motion.More Button

The Senator had five minutes to speak.More Button

No, the Senator had five minutes but six minutes have passed.More Button

When is it proposed to sit again?More Button

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