Ross, Shane Peter Nathaniel

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 187 No. 9

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I ask the Leader the reason for the lack of legislation in the House. It is extraordinary that in two days there has not been a single item of legislation on the Order Paper for discussion. It is no...More Button

My foot.More Button

Amendment put.
Yes IndicatorVoted Yes More Button

Economic Competitiveness: Statements.

There seems to be great contrast over the judgment on the IDA in the past and the possible future of the agency. I was struck by the difference in tone in the three speeches that have preceded mine. ...More Button

Senator Mary White must declare her interest in the IDA before she speaks——More Button

——otherwise she could be prosecuted, which I would hate to see.More Button

I welcome the interruptions.More Button

I would welcome the interruptions from Senator Mary White if she told us of her interest in this subject beforehand.More Button

I would like to tackle the Minister of State’s speech.More Button

I welcome the fact the Minister of State quoted the mission statement of the IDA. I am afraid it fills me with even more fear about the future. I have no problem with what the IDA did in the past. ...More Button

It was not the partnership process.More Button

Senator Mary White’s husband did it all. She knows it and has told us that before. She should stop giving credit to other people; it is very unlike her. She does not normally do it. It was not nat...More Button

——but about broadband as well——More Button

——people will not invest in this country.More Button

I am saying that and I will not take any lessons from Senator Callely on what I should or should not say in this House. Broadband is inadequate and its lack is bad for the people, big business and sm...More Button

They never stop complaining about the lack of broadband because they cannot do business without it.More Button

It makes them non-competitive.More Button

In my last minute——More Button

As I will in one second.More Button

The IDA deserves great applause in respect of the International Financial Services Centre.More Button

There is no doubt that what it did in the IFSC against the odds was a tremendous achievement.More Button

However, the initiative was tax-based. We did not do it ourselves.More Button

Mr. Haughey, Dermot Desmond and others deserve full credit for it.More Button

Let us distinguish between the past, in which the IDA did a wonderful job that should be acknowledged, and the future, which presents dangers that the Government and IDA should consider a little more ...More Button

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