Callely, Ivor

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 196 No. 2

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Order of Business.

I support my colleagues who referred to the significant and vital role played by the rural transport scheme in the country. Like Senator Donovan, I see first hand the benefits of the rural transport ...More Button

Amendment put.
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Nursing Homes Support Scheme Bill 2008: Committee Stage.

I understand from where Senator Fitzgerald is coming in regard to the time period to which Senator Norris referred. In the whole area of care assessment needs, to which several sections of the Bill r...More Button

Nursing Homes Support Scheme Bill 2008: Committee Stage (Resumed).

It is with interest that I listened to the various contributors to this debate. On one hand, I concur with most of the contributions but, on the other, I am not too sure whether we should allow ourse...More Button

Are we getting hung up on circumstances that may arise and, in particular, getting hung up on one discipline? I ask that this be clarified. It is in everyone’s interest, including that of the Ministe...More Button

I was interested in the Minister of State’s comment that the evaluation will be a physical assessment. In what setting will assessments be carried out?More Button

I was interested to hear the Minister of State say it could be in either setting. Is that either-or or either?More Button

Rather than push her on the issue now, perhaps she and her officials might write to me. My understanding of the current position is that the assessment is carried out in a hospital setting and that i...More Button

Information and Communications Technologies: Motion.

Amendment put.
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Nursing Homes Support Scheme Bill 2008: Committee Stage (Resumed).

Senator Fitzgerald asked about the breakdown of the number of people in receipt of care. Earlier I asked about the number of private and public beds. I do not know whether the Minister of State has ...More Button

Did the Minister of State say there were 23,000 occupants and 29,000 long-stay beds?More Button

To what do the figures of approximately 25,000, 8,000 and 17,000 refer?More Button

It was the case that there were three levels of subvention as well as enhanced subvention for private beds. Does this remain the position? My understanding is that it does not, but I seek clarity on...More Button

Is it currently in place?More Button

Question put.
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The Minister of State is probably aware that the families of people in long-stay care can come under immense pressure with regard to the level of subvention being paid. Section 30(7) states that a pe...More Button

Perhaps the Minister will outline how the system will work from the time the person goes into care with regard to the level of contribution and the physical means whereby that contribution is made. W...More Button

On notification of death or discharge of a person provided with financial support, I note that the nursing home proprietor is requested to give notice in writing to the executive not later than three ...More Button

A nursing home proprietor would provide a bed for perhaps three, five or seven years and we give him or her three days after the death. Has this been discussed with service providers and are they sat...More Button

I would just make the point.More Button

As I stated, a bed may be occupied for three, five or seven years. There is also a bond between the proprietor of a nursing home and the people involved in the provision of the services to the indivi...More Button

We are running through this quickly. Is there any part of these sections where we seek disclosure of information on the financial aspects of the nursing homes? There are no sections where we seek di...More Button

What section is it in? We are going through the sections very fast.More Button

In light of the this section and the transitional arrangements, we are constantly referring to a two tier system and the anomalies that exist within it. Is this section accommodating anomalies? Of t...More Button

It strikes me we may be accommodating anomalies and creating a two-tier system. More Button

Perhaps the Minister of State will undertake to consider the matter which I have brought to her attention, namely, the anomalies that exist and will continue to exist under the new scheme. We are see...More Button

I can understand why one would seek this type of disclosure when drafting legislation. Progress has been made over several years on achieving parity between the voluntary, private and public sectors ...More Button

I asked the Minister about the assessment by the National Treatment Purchase Fund in regard to the provision of the public bed. We are bringing in legislation that we say will be better than what exi...More Button

I have a serious difficulty in that the Minister has not quite answered how the HSE will obtain a public bed and the records or accounts it may be able to assess of the public facility. I appreciate ...More Button

There is nothing the nursing home proprietors would fear in terms of their accounts but it does not seem to be fair that the private nursing home around the corner is not required to meet the same cri...More Button

That is correct.More Button

The Minister of State has indicated I can resubmit, but that is not what I asked her. I asked her to consult her departmental officials and indicate to us tonight that she would be prepared to recons...More Button

Nobody is denying that.More Button

Before moving forward, is there any indication from the Minister of State which might be helpful?More Button

Question put: “That section 40 stand part of the Bill.”
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Question proposed: “That Schedule 1 be Schedule 1 to the Bill.”
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