Twomey, Liam

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 205 No. 2

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Announcement on Banking by the Minister for Finance: Statements

The Acting Chairman is very tight.More Button

I note the Acting Chairman likes to stick to time so I will do my best to finish on time. I was quite taken by the bloodthirsty suggestions of the Minister of State for dealing with errant financiers...More Button

——and like-minded thinking individuals at the time who also suffered the same fate as the financiers to which the Minister of State referred. I hope he will not be actively encouraging it because his...More Button

We have to get him out of the cupboard. That is the way life goes. The economic and banking policy of the Government over recent years has been a combination of wishful thinking and hoping tomorrow...More Button

I am not just referring to the former Taoiseach before he came out of the closet. I am also referring to senior bankers and officials. It angers people when they read reports that because an individ...More Button

Thank God we are having talks on the economy regularly because I was only getting into my stride. I will take direction from the Chair.More Button

We have a great history of promoting freedom of information and freedom in the media, as the Minister of State well understands.More Button

He was powerful this morning. The Minister of State might take his example if he is looking for future roles.More Button

We might come back to the Minister of State’s remarks at a later date.More Button

He is a well-educated common man.More Button

Small and Medium Enterprises: Motion

If one considers the figures which were put forward by the Government in regard to its support for small and medium-sized enterprises over the next five years, one finds the figure is at least €1.5 bi...More Button

Amendment put.
No IndicatorVoted No More Button

Apprenticeship Training Programmes

I wish to raise an issue concerning those individuals not in a position to complete their apprenticeship training because, for some reason, they are no longer working for the employer to whom they wou...More Button

The Minister of State has mentioned that 4,320 redundant apprentices have reached the minimum qualifying standard and that a further 3,294 cannot progress until they successfully pass their outstandin...More Button

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