White, Mary M.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 212 No. 7

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Order of Business

Last night, I attended a public meeting in Ardee, County Louth, organised by Councillor Frank Godfrey and the St. Joseph’s action group against the closure of the nursing home in Ardee and the Cottage...More Button

I support Senator Ó Domhnaill’s proposed amendment to the Order of Business that Cromwell come into this House and explain to this House——More Button

I will stand my ground on this.More Button

I will not withdraw it. He should not evict people from what has become their home.More Button

It is eviction. The Senators opposite should learn their history.More Button

I do not want to be burned at the stake.More Button

Senator Noone should learn her history.More Button

HIQA has not recommended closure.More Button

Amendment put.
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Social Welfare Bill 2011: Committee Stage

Question again put.
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I am concerned about the cutbacks affecting one-parent families. I was shocked by this socially regressive budget and am still in a state of shock. I am sure the Minister is aware the CSO produced s...More Button

I will just finish this point. There are 90,000 families in receipt of the one-parent family payment.More Button

Question put.
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As I said earlier, in my political career, this is the most socially regressive budget we have ever had. I am not being personal when I say that Senator Marie Moloney seems from her tone of voice to ...More Button

I am just giving the Senator my honest opinion.More Button

The Senator appears to be very up to date with all the information, but she is too peaceful in her heart. She should be robust in——More Button

The total number of paid PRSI contributions needed to qualify for widow’s, widower’s and surviving civil partner’s contributory pension will increase from 156 to 520 contributions with effect from Jul...More Button

I accept it was changed on Committee Stage. The change in eligibility is a penalty on the vulnerable young men or woman rearing young families. The latest survey on income and living conditions publ...More Button

The Minister will be aware that I am a fan. However, there is something radically wrong in the partnership in government between Fine Gael and the Labour Party. Of the 15 people at the Cabinet, only...More Button

——to some of the men to prevent them from adopting these regressive measures.More Button

There are only two women in the Cabinet. That is the reason this budget is so severe socially.More Button

Question put.
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Social Welfare Bill 2011: Committee Stage (Resumed) and Remaining Stages

For the benefit of my Seanad colleagues who were not here earlier when I spoke, the fact that there are only two women out of 15 sitting at the Cabinet——More Button

It is a long time.More Button

There should be a more equal balance in terms of equality between men and women in government. They are far more socially advanced in the Nordic countries. I find it extraordinary that the Labour Par...More Button

I would prefer to pay more in income tax rather than deprive a one-parent family of the money it will lose in these cuts. Reducing the age requirement from 14 to seven years——More Button

The cost of child care will prevent women from going back to work.More Button

I am speaking on section 7 regarding the one-parent family cutbacks.More Button

A total of 98% of recipients of one-parent family payment are women. I did a newsletter on the budget in which I said it was anti-women and anti-family. Two of the eight measures taken were regressi...More Button

No.More Button

I find mysterious the article of faith which the Minister for Finance keeps reiterating as he lauds himself and the Government for not increasing income tax rates. There is a coterie of people in the...More Button

We are speaking about the cuts with regard to lone parents, reducing the age from 14 years to 7 years and how it is prohibitive to lone parents returning to work. Will the Minister of State ask his p...More Button

It is for the party of the Minister of State. I cannot understand why the Minister for Finance will not increase income tax — big deal — he should increase income tax for people who are more well off...More Button

Sections 11 and 14.More Button

Question put.
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I drove the issue over many years.More Button

I have been a Member of this House since 2002 and in that period I have produced three publications. I find it very irritating at times as some of the new Senators think nothing was done in this Hous...More Button

It was during that time the Minister of State with responsibility for children was given a Cabinet position. The former Senator, Kathleen O’Meara, and I consistently pursued the issue. We are privil...More Button

The Minister needs a few women to back her up.More Button

Question again put.
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Local Government (Household Charge) Bill 2011: Motion for Earlier Signature

Question put.
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