Cullinane, David

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 213 No. 2

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Order of Business

We were proved right.More Button

People have more sense than politicians.More Button

I join Senator Conway in calling for a debate on public sector reform. The Government intends to reduce public sector numbers to 282,500 by the end of 2015, which means that 37,500 people will have l...More Button

It is hardly willy-nilly.More Button

Asking someone to leave the country is outrageous.More Button

Question put: “That the Order of Business be agreed to.”
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Water Services (Amendment) Bill 2011 [Seanad Bill amended by the Dáil]: Report and Final Stages

I thank the Minister for going some of the way and agreeing to delete the section which states the details of any prosecution for an offence brought by the water services authority concerned——More Button

We are being consistent, but we asked for more than this.More Button

We are talking about the contributions we made in this House. The Minister might recall the very lengthy debates on the issue of prosecutions and the criminalising of people living in rural Ireland. ...More Button

I accept that. I also accept that we should only speak to the amendment before the House. However, my point is that a number of Government representatives have spoken about scaremongering. I have b...More Button

There is one planned for Kilkenny.More Button

There is plenty of time to hold them. I am very pleased the Minister has allowed for a four week public consultation process because it will give all of us an opportunity to hold public meetings.More Button

In fact, the real issue is not necessarily what the Opposition parties are doing but rather that the Government has not been clear on what the standards will be. It has also not been clear on what gr...More Button

——which provides an excellent service for Waterford city, parts of south Kilkenny and Wexford. It was a significant investment in upgrading the system at a cost of €300 million. All taxpayers, inclu...More Button

That is what I hope will happen. People living in rural Ireland have a fear that while this might be the case now, there is a real danger that at some point the European Union may force the Governmen...More Button

Hundreds of people are turning up at the public meetings being organised in small towns and villages up and down the country because they are concerned about the implications of the Bill and do not wa...More Button

The Minister made a statement that two political parties are in favour of contaminating groundwater.More Button

That is absolutely inaccurate. We made our position perfectly clear.More Button

We support registration and inspection. I am sorry but the Minister made an accusation levelled against two parties which he should withdraw. He was talking about scaremongering but he is scaremonge...More Button

We do — registration and inspection.More Button

We want registration and inspection.More Button

I thank the Minister for tabling the amendment as it is something which we sought. I support the Minister’s change in that ten days notice will be given. We called for that on Second Stage and we ta...More Button

We have no difficulty whatsoever. We are as clear as the water that I hope will come from all of the septic tanks across the country. We have been absolutely crystal clear on this issue right from t...More Button

If the Minister publishes the standards and tells us what the grant support will be, he might even end up on our side of the argument. We would welcome that.More Button

Question put.
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Water Services (Amendment) Bill 2011: Motion for Earlier Signature

Question put.
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Local Government Reform: Statements, Questions and Answers

Not on every issue.More Button

I welcome the Minister back to the House. He mentioned good hurling. He has a chance to score a goal and not, as previous Ministers have done, take the point or, worse, put the sliotar wide.More Button

I ask the Minister to be radical and bold in terms of genuine reform. I welcome much of his speech but, as previous speakers have said, we have been talking about local government reform for up to 30...More Button

Renewable Energy: Motion

Amendment put.
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Adjournment Matters - Hospital Services

I welcome the Minister of State to the House to respond to this important issue for people in Waterford and the south east, namely, the impact of health funding cuts on acute hospital services in Wate...More Button

I am sure the Minister of State’s speech was written by a civil servant. The information it contains was obviously obtained by the HSE. On each occasion we ask questions about what is going to happe...More Button

They are different states. I do not stand over the cuts in the North. As the Minister of State said——More Button

——the cuts are due to the cuts in the block grant from the British Government, as he well knows.More Button

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